YouTube TV add-on brings 4K streaming – Other premium Features

YouTube TV, the Google TV live streaming service designed for cable switching, receives a lot of pixels. Starting Monday, subscribers can add an upgrade package, called 4K Plus, which brings TV programs with 4K and HDR adjustments, including live games like the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the MLB All-Star Game.

The basic YouTube TV service costs $ 65 a month and adding 4K Plus raises the price of another $ 20, to $ 85 a month. New users get a price break, though. YouTube is offering a one-month free 4K Plus trial and a $ 10-a-month price increase for the first year, bringing the price down to $ 75 per month.

In addition to 4K, the add-on allows subscribers to download shows from the DVR cloud service to view offline on phones and tablets. The third benefit is the unlimited streams simultaneously at home. Without the add-on, YouTube TV subscribers can only watch three different streams at a time.

Two other new features are available to all subscribers to YouTube TV, whether they purchase the supplement or not. First, the release of select devices for the coming weeks, the surrounding noise. YouTube claims that 5.1-channel Dolby Audio has become one of its most sought after features. While many other TV streaming services provide the desired content with ambient sound, they will only play stereo sound on live TV.

The second is the ability to strengthen DVR in sports broadcasting such as the Olympics, which gives the power to search and jump on certain sports between recordings, in addition to the medal counter in each country.

FuboTV is the only app with 4K games, and has a few upcoming events, but it has not yet confirmed that the Olympics will be broadcast in 4K. Unlike YouTube TV, Fubo does not charge extra for 4K streaming, but if it was a choice between the two competing services, we would prefer the YouTube TV basic package.

Unlike 4K and TV movies from the much-needed streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, 4K TV programs are still rare. The next big 4K live event is the Olympics. 4K Plus on YouTube TV will feature live coverage of 4K Olympics from NBC, including opening ceremonies and live events, according to people familiar with the matter.

Other 4K sports events on YouTube TV include the upcoming MLB All Star Game on Fox and college football on ESPN.

4K Plus also provides much-needed 4K content, including shows like Make this Tonight from Tastemade and Misfit Garage from Discovery, as well as content from FX.

Watching 4K Plus requires a 4K smart TV compatible or 4K streaming device connected to 4K TV. Unless the YouTube TV app is no longer available in the Roku Channel store, Roku users will be able to watch in 4K in an existing app or within the main YouTube app.

Here are some features of YouTube TV 4K Plus:

  • Supports High Dynamic Range in HDR10 and HLG formats
  • YouTube TV recommends internet speed of at least 25Mbps
  • There is no limit, beyond the capacity of device storage, for mobile downloads
  • Download takes about 2GB per hour of 720p / 60fps video

The best streaming device in 2021

From Apple TV and Roku to Amazon Fire Stick and Chromecast, here are our favorite devices to stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, YouTube and more on your TV.

So you need a new device to connect to your TV to stream video, but not sure which one? We caught you. This guide will help you find the best streaming device – something you can use every day for hours while watching movies and TV shows. We have updated the entire smart TV system and many streaming devices on the market today, including Amazon, Roku, Google Chromecast and Apple TV.

Aside from smart TVs that use streaming software from Amazon, Google, or Roku, these add-on devices have more apps, simpler remote controls, better search, and updates that often go beyond the built-in ingenuity of your set.

The biggest name for hardware streaming, Roku, has a new $ 40 option called Roku Express 4K Plus which ranks high on our list. It’s $ 10 cheaper than our previous favorite, Streaming Stick Plus, but it still has that capability.

At the high end of the market, Apple has a $ 179 new Apple TV 4K with a few improvements, including a new Siri remote (the company also sells remotely for $ 59).

During Prime Day 2021 you can find many streamers below including Fire TV Stick Lite for sale here.

Roku Express 4K Plus

Roku is our favorite streaming app, with the most popular streaming app options, a simple visual interface, and advanced search. It also has an agnostic content platform that does not overwhelm any media streaming service provider, such as Amazon Prime Video or Apple, over another. The new Express 4K Plus is one of the cheapest TV options with 4K HDR. (Even if your current TV doesn’t support those properties, your next one will know.)

Thanks to the AirPlay update, this Roku device is one of the most expensive ways to connect your iPhone or other Apple device to your TV. For $ 10 cheaper than the company’s Streaming Stick Plus and other 4K HDR streamers, our top choice. Read our full review of Roku Express 4K Plus.

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