YouTube Channels Promoting New Cheating Tool Gets Shut Down

According to Anti-Cheat Police Department (VGC), publisher Activision is responsible for blocking channels that post fraudulent videos on YouTube. The ACPD said Activision could “make plans to reduce [cheating].”

We reached out to Activision to comment and will review when we hear feedback.

Cheating uses a catch card to exceed console security, analyze and detect enemies whenever they enter the field. The only requirement on the player’s part to make a cheating attempt is to aim to point to the normal side of the enemy. The tool will do everything else, determine the exact location and shooting needed to kill the target. The promotional video shows how cheating can be used.

The ACPD said cheating was similar to “aim assist but was greatly enhanced.” The group also said that these types of scams would be difficult for developers to detect. When commenting, ACPD explained that cheating is not very complicated, with this kind of exploitation already present on PC in some games.

“The reason it was so good was to bring the attention of the company, and it made them anxious enough to deal with the situation,” the group said in a straightforward message on Twitter. “This is not a tricky cheat at all. This kind of cheating is also on PC and is also available with anti-cheat on the PC all the time. They don’t work very well but having one console works and can be a challenge to find but not impossible in any way.”

The ACPD said there are ways for developers to stop cheating, such as using a HardwareID driver to determine trusted inputs and punish those who use unreliable exploitation and restrictions.

“It’s not really difficult to make it easy,” the ACPD said. “They need to find a way to get input from the controller itself which they can fix and detect. All they have to do is remove the unreliable input and they will easily get rid of the infidelity. ” “

Cheating is popular in games like Fortnite but especially in Call of Duty topics like Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Activision has blocked as many as 500,000 accounts from a royale war driver for cheating, harassment, and fraud.

Unfortunately, competitive online games do not always degrade because people cheat. Thankfully, we have anti-cheating solutions on PC and console gamers for the most part protected from it, but not for long.

The player is still required to play the game and point in the right direction, but the machine learning system sends input to the controller to track the last shot and confirm the kill. @A AntiCheatPD sees you as, “aim to help but be more developed unless you have to do whatever you have to do just to look at the normal environment and the machine will do the job for you.”

As Eurogamer reports, the Anti-Cheat Police (@AntiCheatPD) Twitter account shared a video of the Call of Duty gameplay (see below) showing a new scam used using machine learning. The program relies on having a PC and a recording card to record the graphics of the gameplay read and converted to it.

The problem for developers is, this program will be hard to find because the real player is still playing the game and their response times will be very close to the most competitive players, so how do you tell who is cheating and who is really good? Only time will tell as this machine learning solution can end up with “few” features that allow it to be discovered.

It is not clear how much input will contribute to the success of this cheating method. Remember, gameplay footage should be fed using a capture card and tested by the system before the controller is installed and given back to the controller, and that will consume significant milliseconds. Of particular concern, however, is that if it works well enough, console games are not secure. You can connect the console to the PC and download footage the way you can with PC games, so this can have a huge impact on official competitive play across all platforms.

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