Xiaomi patents fast wireless charging technology for foldable smartphones

Recently, smartphone manufacturers have continued to improve their charging technology. And among the first to develop is Xiaomi, which has already increased its cable charging power to 200 W, and wireless – up to 120 W with its HyperCharge technology. The company is now developing wireless charging for folding devices.

China’s tech giant has applied for a patent, “How to charge wireless and device, electronic packaging, storage media.” True, this happened back in January, but now only copyright has been issued to the CN113098152A publication number and obtained from CNIPA.

The text does not show any charging features or pictures of the charger itself, but its functionality is explained. Therefore, fast wireless charging will be able to charge the gadget open and folded, and from the other side. That is, both sides of the case support wireless charging.

Additionally, this device starts by connecting to a smartphone in order to obtain a supported charging type. This will be useful, for example, to improve the efficiency of the wireless charger and to reduce the full charge time.

Remember that this is only a patent at the moment. But given the growing popularity of folding smartphones, it is likely to survive.

Xiaomi is currently making a clamshell foldable smartphone with a selfie camera and a triple rear camera. The smartphone pioneer has announced that it will be rolling out its first folding smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold with similar features to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Xiaomi may not be available yet, it may have announced 2 more removable devices this year. One of these upcoming apps could be a clamshell model, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The official name of the device is unknown, at the moment, it looks like the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip.

Xiaomi copyrighted a flip phone with a pop-up camera and previously patented a clamshell model with a small second display. Xiaomi has also been granted a patent today, in what appears to be a cheaper model.

Xiaomi mobile phone with a clamshell design

Xiaomi got the patent on July 2 with a folding phone with a clamshell design, a double punch-hole camera, and a triple-mounted rear camera.

This device will feature a modern, open-ended look, the edges of the screen are slightly wider than the standard Xiaomi devices. A wide hole is made in the upper left corner of the double-sided punch-hole selfie camera. Xiaomi is looking to identify a new generation with this device.

This particular model does not seem to have a cover display, which is why we would expect the device to be cheaper than the Galaxy Z Flip.

Looking back, we see an island camera setup, three camera sensors integrated inside a circular set. The camera is similar to the Redmi Note 9t. On the right, we find captions for power buttons and volume buttons. The SIM room, USB-C connection, and speaker are all located at the bottom of the device.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Mi Mix Fold, Xiaomi’s phone is only available in China at the moment.

Xiaomi has also filed another patent for the clamshell model with The Hague Design Bulletin, which is part of the World Intellectual Property Office. It was delivered on 9 July 2021, a high-end model, compared to the original construction.

When turned on, the phone includes punch-hole cameras but when turned on, there is a noticeable difference. The model has a large dual camera with a flash. It does not come out of the house at all, so it can be a very wide and ultra-wide-angle camera.

The small cover display is close to the camera system, useful for incoming notifications. The second screen can also be used as a viewer when taking selfies. Due to the integration of the cover display, the user will not always have to turn on the phone, which improves the user’s ease of operation.

Also, we do not know when Xiaomi will release the smartphone, Xiaomi may decide to release a cheap Lite alternative to this device as well. We’ll have to wait and see for Xiaomi to release more details about this device.

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