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Hello Guys, Today In this article we are going to tell you about some of the Work from home jobs you can do by staying at home. Laptop and good internet should be sought for many Tasks, I do other activities you can do with your mobile phone. I’m sure because of Lockdown you are looking for an online job that you can do as a part-time job at home. Are you a student and still looking for Jobs online?

In this post, I will provide some online services that do not require a degree. And most students are also eligible for those Jobs. Also For some online activities, you need more skills, If you are connected only to your friend and work in social media with 500+ friends then you too can make money using many online activity platforms that you can do online just by using the mobile Internet. For all of these activities, no Investment is required.

Work From Home Jobs Without Skills

Work from home Without Investment and Skills is hard to find, but now I will introduce you to other online jobs where you did not need skills and investment, You need to have a good mobile phone or Laptop with a stable Internet.

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to work less and earn more affiliate marketing is the best platform, there are no skills required in affiliate marketing as it applies to popularity and profitability. You should share a product link and throw your blog or website or direct it to your friends, If they are buying or joining the platform or product you are advertising then you will surely get a big commission. If you are getting some information on affiliate marketing then this is the best Internet service with work from home jobs Without Investment you can make good money with it.

For some compatible marketing platforms, a website or blog is required while for some websites and blogs they are less demanding (you can use their program offline as well). The communication system is designed to get good customers by giving a specific commission to the corresponding seller. You can promote products from Amazon and Flipkart as well as digital services such as hosting or tools. But if you want an amazon partnership or a Flipkart partnership you will have to have a website or blog (you can create it for free on blogger).

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Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Flipkart Affiliate
  • Clickbank
  • CJ Affiliates
  • CPA leads
  • Any Hosting Affiliate

Online data Entry online

If you are looking for online work from homework like audio and text recording. copy and paste online activities, pdf to do image or conversion functions, etc. After that data entry services are right for you and in our recommendation do not rely on data entry sites. We did not recommend any paid site for data entry services.

Best Data Entry Websites


Earn money with mobile apps

Just install other mobile apps and start working on them as jobs, this online activity is best for those students who only have a good mobile phone and work on social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp. You need to have good friends to start making money with these apps by 2021.

Apps List

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Roz Dhan
  • Meesho
  • Glowroad

Work From Home Jobs Based on Skills

Having skills can lead to good money being thrown, all of the activities listed below are based on skills and not students. You must pass the legal age to access these particular online Tasks platforms. Also, you can do these tasks without any investment by having a good portable phone or a laptop with a stable Internet connection.

Create a Blog or Website (Blogging)

Go and build a blog or website now, this online activity can lead you to the creation of 5-digit revenue. But the only thing that matters is that you need to work hard and be smart, Blogging takes a long time to be successful (about 1 year). After succeeding in divination then you can easily make more than 1500USD. If you get knowledge in this field and you get some biological knowledge.

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Free Websites Builders


Top Ads Network For Blogging

  • Google Adsense

Make Money Through Youtube Channel

If you have experience in a particular field such as acting, reviewing, cooking, dancing, singing, technology-related, Your idea, etc. Then just go to youtube, create a channel, Start uploading videos with good, useful or fun content. In this field, you do not need to invest, as I have already said you should have a laptop or Mobile with Internet Connection

How can you make money with youtube?

If you are starting to get views with subscribers on youtube where you can make money with your youtube channel with AdSense and you can play ads on your video with which you can make good money.

Freelancer Jobs

If you have good skills in coding, writing articles, writing works online, designing, etc. After that Freelancer jobs are ready, Freelancer jobs are the best jobs in India in India. After the United States, India is the second-largest freelancing sector in the world with a large number of independent workers. In India, there are many websites available in Freelancer services such as Fiverr,, Upwork, etc. You can also set your bid (Work Payment) according to your skills, this feature in online self-employment online increases your earnings up to 50%. There are many Freelancers jobs available on Freelancing websites.

Freelancer Jobs Examples

  • Website Development – Coding (PHP, HTML, CSS, java, etc), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Optimization, WordPress expert.
  • Digital Marketing – Social Marketing.
  • Online Writing – Articles, Blog posts, Content Writer.
  • Software Developer – Application, IOS, Android Development.
  • Data Entry Work – Proofreading, Editing, Captcha Entry.
  • Online Typing Jobs – Technical Writing, Excel, MS Word.
  • Graphic Designer – Logo Designer, Banner Creator, Web Designer.
  • Medical Transcription.
  • Video Editing – Work for Youtube Channels, Creators.
  • Covert Work – PDF to Word, Excel sheet to PDF file.

Top Freelancing Jobs Websites

Online Teaching Jobs

If you have good knowledge of any subject you can apply as a teacher or teacher on online educational websites and programs like, and



What Can I Do at Home Online?
There are many online activities you can do at home such as freelancing, copying, video editing, job conversion, blogging, affiliate marketing, Youtube channel, View and benefit, website manager, search engine optimizer, etc. All the Jobs I mentioned in this article do not require investment, you can easily do these jobs by having a good smartphone, laptop, stable internet connection, and a little information.

What are the best sites for online work from home jobs?
If you are looking for a freelancer job then Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancer. there are excellent sites where you can find work online and earn money. And if you have enough knowledge about a particular field you can work as a content creator on youtube, Blogger, and WordPress. You just have to have a good live audience to start your online career.

What are the basic requirements for work from home job?
If you are looking for freelancing, YouTuber, and blogger jobs then you should have related skills. And if you are looking for homework without skills you should have a good smartphone, laptop, stable internet connection, and a little knowledge of the work you do. In addition, I have provided many online services from jobs based on home skills or outside of job skills.

Can I Work From Home Without Experience?
Yes, if you do not have the information, some online services are still available to you. You can work as an affiliate marketer by simply joining affiliate programs for many sites like amazon, Flipkart, earnkaro, etc.

Is there any work from Home other than investment?
Yes, there are many jobs available that can be done at home without investing. Data entry and affiliate marketing are other things that do not require investment other than time and work. Online services such as data entry and affiliate marketing can only be done with a good computer and a stable internet connection.


In this article, I have described all your queries related to work from home in 2021. I hope you like this article, If you have any questions about Online Work From Home Online Jobs Without Investment 2021 please comment. For your convenience Faq’s are also provided below. In this article, I have solved all queries related to work from home online, working at home without investment, working at home jobs in India, working at home online, work from home renovation, work from home for students, and work from home in India for students.

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