Wish Dragon Review | Netflix Comedy Animated Movie 2021

Today we will be reviewing the Wish Dragon which is an American-Chinese computerized animated comedy movie released in 2021. All the details related to the Wish Dragon Movie will be shared here, read the full article to know more.

Wish Dragon Review

Stop if you’ve heard this before: A hapless young man would like to connect with a beautiful, rich girl, he finds a magical item, which will release a powerful, wish-granting creature. He decides to use his wish to see the rich in order to impress her. At the same time, a mysterious villain wants to control the super-grantee for his own evil purposes.

Netflix’s animated movie the Wish Dragon, beginning with this rags-to-riches Aladdin’s formula is more than just a moment in time, as in the modern city of Shanghai. In fact, it is not so straight-a copycat as it may seem, even pearl, similar to the legendary formula means that it is capable of imitating is required to identify the way in. But, at the same time, the Dragon is not directly related to the familiar element, writer/director Chris Appelhans (an on A laiki) has been successful in delivering up-to-date, modern, amazing, stories that are unique and idiosyncratic sense of humor.

Many of the elements of the scene seem very familiar, but there is something to the other, the film goes out of bounds, that is, the attributes, it is a fun-filled, memorable romp.

After coming across a tea-pot, which is a charming, highly intelligent, talking Wish Dragon named Long John Cho), a college student, the Dean (Jimmy Wong) uses his three wishes to try to emulate his childhood friend, Li Na (Natasha Liu Bordizzo). Dina hadn’t seen her in 10 years, not since his father’s business was great, and she began to live a life of luxury. Take advantage of the opportunity to bring attention to his gorgeous, date of birth, You realize that they are living in two completely different worlds. Oh, and the mysterious barrier that was created to try to steal an iPod in order to find the bearings of a dark figure.

Everywhere, it seems like they Want to be the Wish Dragon will go down in history, as is usually the case, except in a few cases, in which the Appelhans puts a contemporary spin on the well-trodden fantasy. The main campaign of the film is its villainous figures are really just there to add to the already fighting, and chasing scenes.

They are three of the minions and the leaders, they will feel forced to, under threat, take forward some of the kicks and punches, but the reality is that the conflict of Religion; the Long and the fundamental inequalities in the society is, the more interesting. The battle scenes added, some of the farcical prophets of the lord, but it was all the more convincing for you to see how Dean felt right at home in a variety of trendy restaurants.

Unfortunately, the third act of the movie, the era of the world-view of a boat that is more than just a physical conflict. The plot twists and turns to him, as the assistant of the benefits and who is the bad guy, as is expected. In the final phase of the battle, have some clever physics, the comedy of the time, because of the barrier that was created to, among other things, the Midas ‘ has the power to turn anything in gold if being touched by him. However, the conflict seems to be a connection in order to provide a Stop and no longer than a specific enemy in a very vague, lack of economic diversity.

Visually, the film paints a caricatured in the shine of the contemporary Shanghai, to take note of the difference between the rich and everyone else. There has been a lot of rounded corners and soft colors, which is a very interesting area of Clean, warm, and the look is much different from the fierce of the white palace, the walls of the Li.

Also, there was a Religion that was very interesting from the point of view of the character design, even though that is the perfect pink, a snake-like design, is a Long, fully provide themselves to the cut. No one can see him, except for the vessel bearer, which means that he, the noise of the squeezed taxi, a taxi, the driver was perplexed, the young man is completely lost for the most part, in the car.

As for the rest of the jokes, some of them are really hilarious, but Would a Dragon have to rely on a sense of humour, a bathroom (quite literally in some cases), it shows that the real, practical jokes, to do any disservice. For a long period of time, a bidet, the drink of a water fountain can be the cause of the laughter, there is a 10-year-old kid, who happens to know what a bidet is, but for a long time, watching a Chinese soap bubble with a neighboring Stable, and gasps for breath of the wild twists and turns in the plot, while snacking on shrimp crackers (his favorite food), this is a unique idea.

Fortunately, the film bears the lack of clarity of the joke in order to save him from the risk of fire, the toilet humor.

Hermione making the performance of the film to life. He was starting to smart, talking with a Shtick’s life, which is similar to the Genie in Aladdin, however, it becomes clear that it is only a bare-faced wife, and he is deeply wrong, and selfish character who sets out on his journey of discovery. In fact, she becomes more and more intense, the nature of evolution than that of the Dean, the suffering of the one-time, there are some questions, however, is a wide-eyed idealist young man.

In length, however, the growing rows in which the value of friendship and human connection. Of course, this is a common lesson, and when it comes to family films, however, to turn the tide of the comic relief in the place of a hero, give To the Dragon for an interesting edge.

In general, don’t Want to go far beyond the predictable parameters, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In order to this, there may not be enough to see how outdated the stories of the look, the fairy-tale elements into an entirely new environment, giving them a new resonance and relevance. Yes, low-brow jokes, mechanical, wrestling, and the film is shot on the downhill, however, when the Appelhans breathe-in-the-history-of-art technology, the Wish of the Dragon is a quirky, engaging ride.

Wish Dragon Netflix Cast

DirectorChris Appelhans
ProducerAron Warner
Chris Bramble
Jackie Chan
Written ByChris Appelhans
StarringJimmy Wong
John Cho
Constance Wu
Natasha Liu Bordizzo
Jimmy O. Yang
Aaron Yoo
Will Yun Lee
Ronny Chieng
MusicPhilip Klein
EditedMichael Andrews
Distributed BySony Pictures Releasing (China)
Netflix (International)
Release DateJanuary 15, 2021 (China)
June 11, 2021 (international)
CountriesUnited States
Box Office$21.1 million
Wish Dragon Movie 2021 Cast

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