WhatsApp users to soon be allowed to hide Last Seen status from specific contacts –Here is all we know

WhatsApp users to soon be allowed to hide Last Seen status from specific contacts
WhatsApp users to soon be allowed to hide Last Seen status from specific contacts

Facebook-managed WhatsApp will reportedly allow users to hide their online status from anyone users have chosen to be.

As seen by WABetaInfo, “WhatsApp recently released a new update to the Google Play Beta Program, making the version up to”

WhatsApp introduces one of the best privacy features today, giving you more control over who can see your information on WhatsApp. What is that? .20.10), Profile Image ( and About (

Currently, “Keeping Visibility,” “Profile Image” and “About” can be seen by everyone, contacts, or nobody at all. There are no options.

With this option, users will be able to hide their “last seen” time from a few people without completely disabling it. This option will also support profile pictures and bios, providing much more privacy control than ever before. Disabling “Last Seen” will always be a two-way street – if a user hides it from a group of people in their contact list, WhatsApp will hide their information in retrieval.

WABetaInfo further states that if the user selects “My External Contacts…” they can select who they wish to display their information on WhatsApp.

Note that, if the feature is not enabled for people you select in the “My External Contacts” section, they will not be able to see your details. this feature is not available in your WhatsApp account, don’t worry: little by little WhatsApp enables the feature for some beta testers, as well as for more functionality. it will follow after installing the following updates, “added WABetaInfo.

WhatsApp is always working in the background to add new features to its service, and today we are just talking about something like that. WhatsApp beta version for Android now has the option to hide your “last seen” status from certain people.

This feature has been updated for several months at this point, and is now live on a subset of those beta components.

This means that I hope soon it will be done for all beta users, and eventually a version of WhatsApp used by everyone, but there is a caveat here, that “soon” could mean “in a few months”, if you judge by another previous release of -WhatsApp new features. It is among the most cautious companies when it comes to adding things to its stable operating system, for sure.

However, in the future (let’s go with that), anyone using WhatsApp will be able to set their status “last seen” to be seen by everyone, their contacts, their contacts without a list of specific people, and no one else. . Other options already exist, the new “My External Contacts …” one.

If you select that, you can select and select who will disable access to “last appearance”. As usual in WhatsApp-land, if you disable someone’s “save visibility”, you will not be able to see their “save visibility”.


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