What is OTG Cable and How to use it in 2021?

In today’s post we are going to talk about OTG Cable, so do you know what is OTG? Or what is the meaning of OTG connection? Almost everyone uses android at today’s time and in such a situation you must have used OTG cable at some point in time.

And even if you have not used it or you do not even know about it, then after reading this post of ours today you will get all the information about OTG, just you have to read this post completely. So then let’s start and know what is OTG and how to use it

What is OTG

OTG is a type of connector. Which we can also call a USB cable, which was first introduced in the year 2001, since then it is quite popular. It is used to connect a mobile device to another mobile device, not only a mobile device, but you can also connect any other hardware device like – Key-Board, Pen drive, whatever device supports OTG..

You can connect any Pendrive to your mobile phone through an OTG cable. And you can easily take its data in your phone or transfer data to it.

OTG full form– The full name of OTG is On The Go.

How OTG Cable Work

When a device is connected with another device, one of these devices is the master or host and the other is the slave or peripheral. The master device will be the device that will take the data or information and the other device slave will be the one that will give that data or information.

Now you will decide who will be the master and who will be the slave and who will be the power supplier and who will be the consumer. Similarly, when you connect one device to another, a communication link is established between the two devices. And after that, you can transfer the data you want to transfer.

But wait, one more thing to note here is that you can connect your device with OTG cable only if that device supports it and how will you find out whether your phone supports OTG or not. Let me tell you, let’s know.

How to know whether your mobile device supports USB OTG or not

You got to know what is OTG cable is, but how will you know whether your mobile supports USB OTG or not, although, in today’s time, these facilities are given in every phone that you can easily connect your device to OTG. can connect with. But still, we will tell you such ways by which you can check whether your device supports OTG or not.

1- You go to the specification page of your phone and if your device supports OTG, then you will see the sign of OTG.

2- The second way is that you download the OTG application from the play store, as soon as you install it in your phone, you will see a button “Check now” as soon as you click on it, this application will check your device. And if your device supports OTG then it will show this message on your screen – “Yes! This device is OTG Supported” and if your device does not support OTG then it will show – “OTG is not Supported”.

How to Connect OTG Cable to Mobile Device?

Earlier we have told you that how you have to check whether your device supports OTG or not and now you have come to know that your device supports OTG so now it comes to how OTG is connected?

Look, if you have seen OTG cable, you must have seen that it is bigger than a site and smaller than a site, then whatever is its small part, you have to put it in the charging point part of your phone, that’s it. connect to your mobile.

And now you have to connect the second part of it with another device, that’s all the work is done and your device will be connected with OTG.

Top 10 uses of USB OTG Cable

Now we have already learned about USB and also know how to connect it, so now after this, we are going to tell you about the top 10 uses of OTG, which you may not know, then it is too late. What about let’s know about its uses

Phone Charging

Sometimes your phone does not have a battery and you have a lot of important work for it, so what will you do, so let me tell you if you have an OTG cable, then with the help of it, you can connect your mobile device to another device (eg – laptop, phone, Can be charged by connecting to PC.

This trick will be very useful in an emergency, your own device will work as a power bank for others.

You can transfer your data from your Laptop/Computer to your mobile

You can easily transfer your data from your laptop, computer to your phone with the help of an OTG cable and you can transfer the data of other and your mobile to your computer.

Connect Game Controller

With the help of an OTG cable, you can connect with your smartphone with a game controller. And with this, you can easily play any game with the game controller, so it is not fun.

Can connect the smartphone with a keyboard

If you are also facing difficulty in typing in your device, then let me tell you that you can connect your device with a keyboard with an OTG cable and you can type comfortably.

A smartphone can be connected with Mouse

If the touch of your phone is not working, then just like you have connected the keyboard with your phone, in the same way you can also connect your smartphone with the mouse and do it. can do with

A smartphone can be connected to Camera

With the help of OTG cable, you can connect your Smartphone with your room and transfer all the photos from it, it proves to be helpful for most photographers.

A smartphone can be connected to Hard Disk

You can easily connect your Hard Disk or Flash Drive to your Android Phone with the help of OTG Cable. And can easily access its data.

Can connect 8-USB Light to smartphone

With the help of an OTG cable, you can connect your smartphone with a USB light. Having power off will help you a lot, it is brighter than the flash of your mobile. With this, you can easily click photos in the dark and make video calls.

USB Fan can be connected to the smartphone

Your phone can also give you air if needed, you can use it by connecting your USB fan with your Android phone.

LAN cable can be connected to the smartphone

You can use Broadband Internet on your mobile by buying a LAN to USB controller and connecting it to your mobile phone.

This will be more helpful in the case when you have a Broadband connection but do not have Wi-Fi or a router.


In today’s post, we have learned about what is OTG and how to use it, I hope that you must have liked this post, we have tried our best to provide accurate information to you. I hope, after reading this post, you must have got a lot of information about OTG.

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