Twitter pauses the verification process after several fake accounts received the blue tick

Twitter has announced that it has suspended the extension of its verification process as the social media giant hopes to improve the way users apply for the blue tick.

The news comes about a month after Twitter admitted that several fake accounts had been verified by mistake.

In short
Twitter has announced that the Twitter verification process has been suspended for the forum to “improve the performance and review of the process.”

“For those who have been waiting, we know this can be disappointing,” a Twitter spokesman said. “We want to fix things, and thank you for your patience.”

It is believed that the Twitter verification team is still testing existing applications but no new user will be able to apply while the review process is in progress.

In the background
While Twitter did not mention a specific reason for the recent suspension, time is not surprising considering that, last month, the company admitted that many fake accounts had been verified by mistake.

American author Cormac McCarthy recently saw an account set in his name verified by mistake, Twitter quickly verified the account after discovering it was not the authors.

Earlier this year, Twitter was forced to wait for new applications for verification due to overcrowding. The procedure was re-launched last month, explaining how users could improve their chances of getting the blue tick.

A recent suspension may suggest that all kinks have not been processed.

How does Twitter verification work?

Previously, it was easy to verify on Twitter. Users simply add a name, bio, cover photo, profile picture and website to their account, and simply request confirmation in the settings tab. It can usually take Twitter a week or two to respond.

Now, however, Twitter emphasizes that there are far more difficult ways to catch this blue tick.

With a detailed thread in July, the social media platform revealed some confirmation tips.

At the time of writing, more than 379,000 users have been verified by Twitter.

The blue Twitter tick previously had some signs of prominence and importance but because so many have been confirmed in recent years, it is a form of losing its wallet.

A number of verified fake accounts only work to tarnish the image of the blue team but Twitter is working hard to fix that.

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