TEAMGROUP ELITE DDR5 RAM-4800 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) Memory Kit Now Available For Sale

TEAMGROUP is the first manufacturer with a large memory of its DDR5 RAM consumer access to online retailers such as Amazon and Newegg. The Elite series DDR5 memory kit was announced this month and is now on the list of several vendors.

TEAMGROUP ELITE DDR5 RAM-4800 & 32 GB Memory Kit Continues For Sale

The TEAMGROUP ELITE DDR5-4800 memory kit is briefly stocked by US retailers but even though there are no standard platforms to support it right now, the kit is already out of stock with Newegg ‘High Demand’ as a reason. Both Amazon and Newegg have written a memory kit for $ 310.99 US which is much lower than the $ 399.99 US that the manufacturer originally made at the time of the announcement.

It is possible that users are preparing in advance for their new PC to be built with news about Intel’s Alder Lake platform that will be released soon. There is a very likely scenario when users try to avoid any DDR5 memory deficit when launched so it follows any available stock now. Another possibility is that the clusters will also adopt new hardware to be able to sell at used market prices if it requires an increase which we have seen happen with GPUs, HDDs, and TPM modules (with the latest Windows 11 OS. Announcement).

Memory details for TEAMGROUP ELITE DDR5 RAM

The product page of the TEAMGROUP DDR5 ELITE series calculates down to 16 GB capacity per module, transfer speed of DDR5-4800, and doubles the amount of memory banks compared to DDR4. The DDR5 memory module will also operate at ultra-low power of 1.1V. DDR5 memory modules also include on-die PMCC (Power Management IC) support which enhances efficiency. From the supply, it can be seen that the Elite series DDR5 memory is very basic, includes a black PCB and no heatsink.

The TeamGroup play section, T-Force, has already confirmed that they are developing the next gen DDR5 memory modules with over-funding. According to T-Force, the company has sent initial memory samples to major mother board partners such as Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, & ASUS to confirm their upcoming products.

Other memory features of TeamGroup’s Elite series include:

  • Frequency: 4800
  • Delay: CL40-40-40-77
  • Capacity: 32GB (16Gx2)
  • Data Transfer Bandwidth: 38,400 MB / s (PC5 38400)
  • Power: 1.1V

The T-Force also claims that DDR5 memory has a very large room for power correction when it comes to over-support. This is because of the improved power control ICs (PMIC) that allow more than 2.6V overhead. It has also been explained that existing DDR4 memory modules handle their power conversion via motherboard but that changes with DDR5. The requirements for the power conversion are now transferred to the DIMM memory itself, reducing power wear and sound production while at the same time providing increased space for overheating. You can check the details of the next-gen consumer memory here.

Amazon lists the first set of DDR5 RAM

Teamgroup unveiled its first DDR5 modules last week, which contained two 16GB sticks running on 4,800MHz storage – the kind of speed you would expect the most common kits to work on, even if the best RAM playback has a top speed of up to 8,400 MHz. Surprisingly, the memory is already on the US Amazon list, and when you buy it, the delivery driver should knock on your door with a box of fifth generation sticks before the end of July.

With Alder Lake CPU’s Intel’s DDR5 CPUs not arriving until November and AMD’s compatible Zen 4 chips not arriving until next year, the question arises: what in the world could add these new modules to the world?

It’s not a complete waste of time to put your foot in the door faster than the latest, though. There are no current game boards that support the new standard, but holding DDR5 in MSRP means you will not be caught off guard by DRAM prices seeing DDR4 rise earlier this year.

Like the first DDR5 off-the-shelf modules, they are not the cheapest sets in the world, coming in at $ 310.99. For comparison, the two 16GB sticks of Teamgroup’s RGB-clad DDR4 RAM will set you back about half the price at $ 164.99. This could be the same story across the first wave as brands like Corsair, Crucial, G. Skill, Kingston, and more go to the board.

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