Samsung Working With AMD RDNA GPU 2 Reveal in July

Samsung has revealed that it is working with AMD to create a new GPU for its Exynos processors. For those who don’t know, Samsung has been working with the Mali GPU’s ARM and this unprecedented move has the potential to mark the new era of Exynos chips. Leaks and rumors have been suggesting that the upcoming Samsung x AMD GPU will be launched in June. However, a new leak from a reliable tipster suggests that the launch is delayed. The reason for the delay is unknown. The Tipster Ice Universe, however, says Samsung will launch its new Exynos chip containing the AMD RDNA 2 GPU in July 2021.

During a computer conference, Computer 2021, AMD revealed that the first processor to use its RDNA 2 GPU will be the Exynos processor. It is expected that more gaming features will be unlocked that will take smartphone games to the next level. The new chip will provide high-fidelity graphics with much better performance than previous Money making. It will also be one of the first GPUs to offer tracking ray tracking. Other features include flexibility and flexibility.


The Samsung Exynos chips have been fighting hard against the Snapdragon gang. Korean firms are always working compared to powerful chips from Qualcomm. A new bet on AMD’s RDNA 2 GPU could increase the company’s value compared to Qualcomm and other leading chipsets. We can expect the new chip to provide ground-breaking performance and reliable graphics are likely to come with the upcoming Galaxy S22 series a few months away.

The new chip could also open the way for Samsung’s entry into the new component – the gaming smartphone category. To date, the Korean company has partnered with game developers such as Qualcomm to launch Fortnite on mobile. However, the company has never released a smartphone-centric smartphone. The brand new GPU could be the company’s opportunity to unveil its mid-range smartphone.

Mobile gambling has been abruptly changing over the last few years, and may change with the advent of mobile chips starting playing the RDNA 2 GPU. We are confident that Mali will also prepare its own competitive rival in the category.

Samsung will make an official announcement of the forthcoming silicon release soon. Unfortunately, no information about the launch date is possible, but this may happen soon and we are eager to see if the company will show real performance or appear numbers.

The company will launch its Galaxy Z Fold 3 and its Z Flip 3 on August 3. The devices are likely to be made under mass production in the past few months. So the existence of a new Exynos object for them is not possible.

Samsung New AMD RDNA GPU 2 Chipset

Much is expected of Samsung’s next chipset. This is not surprising, especially when it works much better than Apple’s A14 Bionic chipset. Now, a new report says the new Exynos chipset will also surpass the Mali GPUs.

According to a source from Korea (via GSMArena), the new AMD chipset using Exynos “will outperform competitors in high performance”. It is said that AMD and Samsung intended to be more powerful than their rivals. However, the development team encountered operational constraints and had to reduce performance by 30%.

Other than that, the so-called Exynos 2200 is still better than all chipsets based on ARM’s Mali GPUs. This includes the current generation Mali-G78 and the next gen-gen — Mali-G710 GPUs. In fact, the Exynos chipset is suspected to reach 30% faster than before and 10% much faster than the last.

Note, the source is Korean so machine translation may be inaccurate. But in general, it sounds like we can expect this chipset to be very powerful. With that said, do you think it will meet that expectation?

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