PUBG New State Available on Playstore- New Map

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PUBG Krafton developers are working on starting a series, and then later on in the year. Earlier this year, the company announced the PUBG New State. The company also shared a trailer of the game suggests, the game takes place in 2051. Since then, the game has been available for pre-registration. Recently, Krafton announced that the game is the author of over 10 million, first of all, Google Play Store sign-ups in a couple of months. He also shared more information about the closed alpha testing that will start in the US. Interesting to gamers in the US can get early access by ensuring that the closed alpha test version of the text. Here you will find everything you need to know about PUBG’s New State of the Alpha testing.

PUBG New State of the closed alpha test

PUBG New State, which is scheduled for release later this year. Ahead of the launch of PUBG Mobile, the sequel is available on the closed alpha testing. Currently, in alpha testing, are only available to Us players. Anyone can download the game in order to get early access and play it before the official release. A Reddit user uploaded a photo in the list of games to Play Online. It is known that the alpha test, version, size 1.11 MB. Other details were not provided in the e-mail.

In the past, Krafton was announced that the closed testing of the game will have to start over again, first in the united states and then in other regions as well. Currently, the alpha test is planned only for Android users. We can expect to see more details of the iOS app to support the next couple of days. Currently, there are no words for the alpha test of the game in India.

The developers also released February the trailer. He suggests that the PUBG New State is, in essence, 2.0 in PUBG Mobile, in which the word is used, in order to be seen. The game takes place in the year 2051, where “control is a state of anarchy, as many factions have been fighting with each other.” The coming Krafton game will feature a number of new features. It’s going to include the game’s reception, this feature allows players to create weapons, in order to get the alignment kit. This set-up is going to be turned into weapons, in a variety of ways, and improve the performance of the cease-fire at the range, and the attachments of the grenade launcher.

PUBG New State: Troi Map

Map of the trojan war, which is based on the post-apocalyptic world, takes place in 2051. It will provide them with 8×8 km of the film, and a number of buildings, playgrounds, ruins, and other items.

The content of the PUBG New State Troi’s map looks very realistic and the detail in the teasers. In the past, CRAFTON said that PUBG’s New Government is going to be ultra-realistic graphics, that is possible, in addition to the mobile game with global illumination techniques, PUBG New State exceeds what was previously impossible in the mobile game, the graphics.”

In the first place all of a sudden, there it is, the Exhibition Hall, which is one of the symbolic monuments of the three. The monument has an open structure, which means that there are not a lot of obstacles and/or items that can’t be hidden from the area, which makes it a great place for the execution of military operations.

Then there is the Shopping Center” which, in essence, the play is a hot spot for family and friends, and gather the center, and three national. Here, the players will have to wait to find the best loot and a lot of combat options.

The third place went to the Tifonic Industries Research Laboratory. In the past, the lab is shrouded in mystery, and for now, the player is able to explore and find out its secret. It is said that this place has most of the main switch is on the map.

The exhibition hall, As seen from the above, the show looks like a bull’s-eye, which makes it a hot-spot for the objectives of the release and when, and games. It has a wide, open-air center, to the land of his heart, and immediately starts mining. This is an area that has been designed with verticality in mind, the player is able to choose to get hold of the above, hopefully, is directly in conflict with the enemy, or to take a more stealthy approach, working his way through the building from below. New features, such as transparent, bullet-proof glass, which is going to transform the way players develop a strategy and battle enemies in the show.

The Shopping center, even though this is an open roof concept is similar to an exhibition space; it stands on its own thanks to the array of shops. Players need to avoid a number of unique vitrinlərin stores in order to get the jump on their opponents. The roof of the mall warms up quickly, but if the players are staying, they are able to find a wide range of options available across the rest of the enemies. Finally, the players have to control the direction of the mall’s escalators. The player will have to climb up on the right side of the page, you will be able to move through space at a speed of. If they are on the wrong side, they are going to be an easy target.

It is an area of the four levels of intense work, which is ideally suited for the press of the fight. The players will have to wait, you will find that there are a variety of indirect and difficult routes in the building, which will allow them to pass through the enemies, sneak around them. It is the most important element of the region is the center of the “security room”, which has a transparent bullet-proof glass in order to create a little bit of fun in the military encounters.

Trailer Park – in The first fantasy, a residential trailer park, has been repurposed as a temporary light, and shelter. In order to have a chance in this area, players will need to jump, sneak and fight their way to victory. On the quick access required, players are able to use the ramp at the end of the course, in order to get out of trouble.

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