5 Top Programming Languages for Mobile App Development 2021

Today we will discuss the top 5 programming languages for mobile app development in 2021. All languages list and their uses are also specified here. Read the full article.

The landscape of mobile app development continues to emerge, with the various programming languages, frameworks, and tools to come. The first step that lays the foundation for the mobile app development process is language selection. There are hundreds of complex decisions and functions. The android app development company can help you understand which programming language from these will be the best.

There is no perfect answer to which language you should invest your time and money in. The purpose of the application, the OS platform, the target audience, etc. If you are not familiar with the mobile app development process and are confused about where to start, here are five languages ​​used by top app developers.

List of Programming Languages for Mobile App Development


JavaScript is one of the most popular options for programming languages for mobile app development because of its functionality and wide usability. Used for pre-end development of websites and applications. JavaScript has been used by leading names like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to deliver engaging content to users. It continues to gain a prominent position in app development due to its flexibility and power.

An android application developer with JavaScript can deliver flexible and easy-to-use applications. JavaScript can be used in the same way as other programming languages ​​to improve application performance.

The features that make JavaScript an internationally accepted language in app development are:

  • It can be used on the server-side and with Node.js
  • It has flexible syntax
  • It can work on most browsers
  • It uses features like jQuery, Angular, and React.js
  • The language of full development
  • It can be used to improve shortcut applications
  • Client-side validation that reduces server load


If you want iOS upgrades, Swift is where you should start. Although brand new, Swift has risen in popularity due to its performance and profitability. Swift IDE- Xcode is independent and validated. Language is also easy for engineers to read, read and code. A safe language in a way that allows engineers to easily correct mistakes. Additionally, Swift can also be used on the server side. Exceeded Purpose C in popularity, speed, features and performance.

Some of the key features of this program language are:

  • Summary and easy to use syntax
  • Quick coding release
  • Very safe
  • Less care is needed
  • The process of interconnected development
  • Combined language
  • Easy to read source codes


The language of all the companies developing the android app that will prove Kotlin. Indigenous support and operational programs will make Kotlin the next big thing in the application development industry. Language of the Typesafe program with good community support. Kotlin is considered the official language of Android app development and has many IDEs like Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA. Companies like Uber and Trello use Kotlin as the programming language to bring a different user experience.

The reasons that make Kotlin so popular among application developers are:

  • It has a few flaws and crashes
  • Improved coding
  • Can encrypt existing JavaScript code
  • Provide consistent results
  • Clear syntax and code


Python is an open-source language known for its flexibility. It uses less code than other languages ​​making it easier to read and compile. Python has been used by YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram for general purposes. This server-side language can be easily integrated and requires minimal maintenance. It can also be used in conjunction with other programming languages ​​to produce interactive and awesome apps.

Some features of Python are:

  • Modular programs
  • Easy to get started
  • Renewable code
  • Low maintenance costs with combined errors
  • It is portable and powerful
  • Short and straightforward syntax
  • It is easy to install and expand
  • Save time and money
  • Easy for beginners
  • Supports multiple platforms and locations
  • Allows multiple applications
  • Flexible systems with multi-framework availability


Java is one of the most widely used mobile app applications used by leading companies such as Twitter and Spotify. Java is an independent language used by many beginners and tech giants. Reusable source code is a great advantage for Java. In addition, language is easy to read, use, read, compile, edit, or correct. This makes Java a great choice for Android app developers in India who need object-based language.

There is a large and active community of Java developers who provide comprehensive documentation and support. Open source Java libraries can help with the rapid growth of applications. Some of the benefits of using Java for mobile application development are listed below.

  • Modular programs are available
  • Better safety features
  • Provides improved performance
  • Supports multi-thread editing
  • Dynamic and extensible language

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