Top 10 Premium Blogger Templates for Fast Adsense Approval

Today, we will discuss the best 10 blogger templates that may help you get fast google Adsense approval. All themes here have their own features. Read the full article and use the blogger template as per your choice.

Blogger templates and themes are sites that make a website Professional. Blogger continues to build new blogs, websites, etc. When searching for a theme they face many difficulties such as breadcrumbs error, fast loading speed, server down, Unresponsive. So in these issues, we bring you a high list of bloggers’ fast, responsive and ads-friendly templates that give you instant SEO results.

In the below sections of premium bloggers, you can get a professional experience like WordPress for Blogger, fast loading speed, ready breadcrumbs, Adsense optimized, dark mode, SEO-ready templates, easy to edit or customize, custom copyright, copyright removed, or easy to remove, and many more.

So now use these top 10 blogger templates for your blogger and get AdSense approval quickly. Just click on the download button to be redirected to the download page, You can also check the site preview error without error.

List of Premium Blogger Templates for Adsense Approval

  • TechMag
  • Sora SEO 2
  • Magify
  • UltraLite
  • GMag
  • Fastest
  • Freebify
  • SEOMag
  • OnePress
  • Sora Paper

Premium Blogger Templates For Adsense Approval


The best and most advanced customizable blogger templates according to the latest blogger / Blogspot tool in Blogger. Techmag is a premium blogger templates also available for free, ready to take your website to the next level. Techmag is a very clean and fast blogger template that gives the look of a WordPress Premium theme.

In addition, tech mag is a clean and fast blogger templates that is complete SEO and has many premium features. Techmag has 100% responsive design, automatic translation, RTL supported, Header Ads, AdSense (In-Feed ADS) homepage, Post ADS 1 and 2 on Post page, videos YouTube responsive, well-designed SEO, fully customized background, widths, colors and fonts, Advanced Post Share Buttons, Advanced Author Box, Disqus Comments and Facebook, Embed Video and Photo in Comments via Links.

Widget Sidebar Post by (Label or Recent), One-Click Fixed Sidebar, Footer Ads, Awesome About Section, Custom Copyright, Sub-Menu, Indigenous Cookie Permit, Beautiful Arabic Font, One-Click Mode, One-Click Editing, Menu Awesome Ajax Mega, One Edited Click Menu, Advanced Post Category (new), Templateify Post Shortcodes 2.0, Fast Loaded, Template Update for Lifetime.

Sora SEO 2

Sora SEO 2 is a free blogger templates, designed like a magazine, gallery, 3D design with a Clean and Responsive look. Most of the template is customizable from Blogspot / blogger inbuild tools, so you can design as you want to present and give a professional look like WordPress premium themes.

Sora SEO is clean and tidy, responsive, Seo Friendly, Ads Ready, Vertical Drop Down Menu, Sidebars, Fast Loading, Instagram Ready, email subscriptions, icons Post, Breadcrumbs Navigation, Tabbed Widget, Page Navigation, Footer Column, Slideshow, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Menu, Browser Compatibility, WhatsApp share button and instant blogger template.


Magify is a very powerful blogger templates based on the design of a magazine like a newspaper. Magify is a premium blogger template, with a clean design among all blogger magazine templates. Magify provides you with an AdSense-appropriate ad box where Adsense ads are placed.

In addition, magify is 100% Design Design and contains Header Ads, Posted Posts, Default Mobile Menu, Post Share Buttons, Auto Author Box, About Section on Footer, Footer Menu, Templateify Post Shortcodes, Fast Loaded, Disqus and Facebook Comments, Fixed Sidebar, Home Ads 1, AdSense (In-Feed ADS) Homepage, Ad Locations (In Article Article ADS 1, In-Article ADS 2) Post Page, Home Ads 2, Boxed Version, Automatically translated, RTL supported, customized menu, Post List Widget by (Recent, Label or Comments), SEO Customized, Fully Custom Background, Width, Colors, and Fonts. Premium Lifetime template update.


Ultra-lite is a premium responsive blogger template with a lite version among other blogger magazine templates. Ultra-lite is easy to customize and friendly blogger template with a simple and clean design. It can be used for technical blogs, news, and magazines. Ultra-lite provides a simple and intuitive visual interface for users.

Ultra-lite is a 100% responsive blogger template with friendly SEO, good breadcrumbs and the ultra-lite blogger template contains these features – Fine Ads, Photo Slides, Email Subscription Widget, Shipping Icons, Bread Navigation, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Menu, Quick Upload, Instagram Readiness, Browser Compatibility, Direct Drop Menu, Tabbed Widget, Page Navigation, Foot Column, Side Tools, WhatsApp Sharing


Gmag is a professional and responsive blogger template with a clean design. Gmag is designed to love the new google search console schema, based on a new code platform that will take your site to the next level with an easy-to-use interface.

Another thing about Gmag’s premium blogger templates is that it has many special features such as it is a 100% responsive magazine template and tech news blogger.

Additional features of this Gmag premium blogger template have a black version (included), One-Click Boxed style, MegaMenu and MegaTabs with Shortcodes, About Footer section, Sub Menu, Templateify Post Shortcodes, Fast Loaded, Header Ads, 3 Featured Posts Styles, content blocks 1 and 2, ADS 1 and 2, AdSense (In-Feed ADS) homepage, ADS components (in In Article Article) ADS 1, In-Article ADS 2) Post page, Advanced Post Share Buttons, Awesome Writer Box, Automatic Translation, RTL Support, One-Fixed Click Menu, Disqus and Facebook Comments, Edited One-Click Sidebar, Widget Width Post by (Recent, Label or Comments), SEO Customized, Fully Customized Background, Widescreen, Colors and Fonts, Lifetime Template Update.


The fastest is simple and completely clean premium blogger templates with a free copyrighted version. This premium blogger template can be used in any way like tech, news, simple magazine, recipes, quotes, etc. Kuma-blogger / Blogspot.

The fastest blogger template that responds perfectly, Seo Friendly, Page Navigation, Footer Column, Sidebars, Ads Ready, Email Subscription Widget, Post Thumbnails, Breadcrumbs Navigation, Tabbed Widget, Slideshow, Social Bookmark Ready, Fast Loading, Instagram Ready, Browser Compatibility, Drop-Down Menu, Direct Drop-Down Menu, WhatsApp Sharing.


Freebify is the fastest, fastest, most modern, and professional blogger templates and has a free version with copyright foot credit. Freebify allows you to customize this premium template easily and you can create a beautiful looking design. If you are buying a premium then you have permission to change all Freebify Blogger template settings.

Freebify contains many features such as 100% Design, Auto Translated, RTL Supported, Beautiful Arabic Font, One-Click Dark Mode, One-Click Boxed Layout, MegaMenu by Shortcodes, One-Click Fixed Menu, Advanced Hero Section, Big Featured Post Category, Head ads, AdSense (In-Feed ADS) homepage, Post ADS 1 and 2 on post page, Special Download Button, Responsive YouTube Videos, Table Table Support, Post Share Buttons Advanced, Advanced Author Box, Disqus, and Facebook Comments.

Embed video and image in comments via Links., Sidebar Post by (Widgets, label or comments), One-Click Fixed Sidebar, Footer Ads, Powerful Footer Categories, Custom Copyright, Footer Menu, Templateify Post Shortcodes, Fast Loaded, SEO Customized, Completely Customized (Background, Width, Colors, and Fonts), Custom Update and Life Time. These are the freebify premium blogger templates that become the most popular blogger template.


Seo mag is the leading premium blogger templates for easy AdSense adoption by 2021. Use SEO mag to capture photos, news, magazine, your pages, games, and fashion blogs on blogger / Blogspot. Seo mag is the fastest and most customized blogger template that is popular and used on many popular blogs.

Also, the Seo mag premium blogger templates is free to use with copyright and has many features such as 100% responsive, visual, visually, email subscription widget, post thumbnails, sidebars, quick uploads, loading breadcrumbs, -ads Ready, slideshow, social bookmark Ready, Instagram Ready, Drop Menu, Drop Down Menu, Browser Contacts, Tabbed Widget, Page Navigation, Foot Column, WhatsApp Share button.


OnePress is a completely customized template with a 100% responsive magazine and news blogger template. Customize one machine according to you and make your blog professional and unique. One free blogger template contains copyright on foot but in the premium version, and you can change the footer in the blogger architecture section.

Also, one machine responds, ads are right, Dark Version (Installed), Full-Width Version, Auto Translate, RTL supported, fixed menu, header ads, posted posts, Post Widget 1 and 2, Home ads 1, AdSense (In-Feed ADS) homepage, Ads (In-Article ADS 1, In-Article ADS 2) post page, Home Ads 2, Post Share Buttons, Automatic Author Box, Disqus and Facebook Comments, Stable Sidebar. These are the features that are listed in the premium version of one blogger template if you want to use a single download free version of the single version but with this, you will have copyright in the footer section.

Sora Paper

From the name, it is explained that the sora paper premium blogger templates are designed for magazines, newspapers, photoshoots, tech news, etc. Sora Page is a very fast and responsive blogger template with a free version with copyright in the footer but you can easily remove the copyright from the footer section.

Sora paper features are 100% Reply, Slide View, Public bookmark ready, Drop Menu, Vertical Drop Down Menu, Browser Contacts, Shipping Icons, Page Navigation, Foot Column, Tools, Quick Upload, Instagram Ready, Widget Widget. Email, Tabbed Widget, Seo Friendly, Ready Ads, Breadcrumbs Navigation, WhatsApp Sharing button.


These were the top 10 blogger templates you can use on your sites to get the lowest level of fun and the best experience for your users. These are the themes that bring a good feeling to the user. Most of them are ready to show off their crumbs and all are ready for mobile use. Every top 10 best blogger template has a premium version with a custom foot section and all of this is 100% responsive. If you do not have the money to spend on blogger templates just download their free version but you should back up with some things like the SEO section and Footer copyright.

We do not recommend anything to download from an unknown source because it is illegal. If you want any premium template then please buy it from a legit website. We do not aim to misguide anyone. All information here is for educational purposes.

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