Pokemon GO Bidoof Cup Guide

Bidoof Cup Guide – The series “Nifty Or Thrifty” takes a closer look at the limited PvP formats f, ah, but this is not really this kind of article, is it? No, today we do “Bidoof or Bidoof”! Do you want to play Bidoof, or maybe Bidoof instead? Can’t decide if you will lead with Bidoof or do Bidoof? What about your exchange? I mean, Bidoof is fine, but maybe you want to catch Bidoof back near you instead? Oh, the decisions! Oh, swearing!

Good news, Pokefriends… I’m here to help you navigate this tricky format and decide how to build your team and give you that competitive edge! Let’s take a look at all the different Pokemon to choose from in the newly discovered BIDOOF CUP!

That’s right… as dug by the beautiful PokeMiners, Niantic has another hair-raising program that lifts their sleeves… Little League format (500 CP or less) with nothing but the best god of the Pokemon: Lord Bidoof!

Pokemon GO Bidoof Cup Guide

Now I’m not used to analyzing metas that haven’t been officially announced yet, and we don’t know at all at this point when or if this form will ever appear. This is probably just the biggest Niantic troll. But still, I could not resist. I had to… well, dip my teeth in this format and see what would happen with the release!

So first of all, let’s separate the little star of the show.

Yes, indeed, there are actually a few things to discuss here!

First of all, no, Bidoof is NOT a standard / liquid type. The origin of Bibarel has both typing, but there is a common misconception that Bidoof is also half wet, and that is simply not true. It may seem inappropriate for a format where it is the only thing you will see, but once we get to the steps you will see why understanding that is actually, it is legally important. Like mono Normal, it is only in danger of fighting damage, twice resisting Ghost, and taking neutral damage to everything else.

Next, Bidoof is a little boy with a tank! If you read my latest guide to the Element Cup, you will know that more than half of the rules are evident in the Little League, with some of the best Element features with 107-109 HP. Bidoof has 119 big in comparison! Compensation, it has less Defense (and almost Attack almost average), but it is still appropriate to call it “bulky” as a whole.

Let’s look at the next move.

Yes, there is really no sugar to cover it up … Bidoof has some awesome quick steps. The standard fast-moving (like the Water Gun enjoyed by Bibarel) has 3.0 as a system of Damage per Turn and Energy Per Turn. While Tackle at least hits the damage mark, it is below average in terms of power gain. On the other hand, while Town Down is not hitting the EITHER mark, it has at least a much higher energy gain than the Tackle, with money to cover more than half of the Tackle damage.

The options here are so bad that when I first started exploring the Bidoof Breakout event and the exciting new additions added to the Bidoof kingdom, I literally wrapped it up within a few minutes of getting started. Tackle and Take Down both drag Bidoof down to the inevitable even in the lovely Little Cup books. For example, when it didn’t qualify for the Element Cup, even if it came from there anyway… well, look how they killed my boy!

So with the usual Bidoof held outside the special hours of the Bidoof Breakout event, your options are:

Crunch comes in as an inexpensive but also soft to beat, and is resisted by any types of Fighters who might want to rob Bidoof. (Not a problem in this format, but just say.)

Grass Knot is a respected form of cover and unrestricted by Fighters, which comes in at 5 times stronger than Crunch but strikes with more damage. The best travel overall, however, with the incorrect fast Bidoof, or those 5 extra power can be a bridge too far from time to time.

The Hyper Fang is the only normal group movement, represented only by Ghost, Steel, and Rock genres, and although there is less damage than the Grass Knot, it will often end up with less damage by making a profit on the STAB (Same Attack Bonus), whereas the normal type travels by type. standard Pokémon

So let’s start there, shall we? All things being equal, IN THIS format, you get along well with Crunch and Hyper Fang, the former Bidoof representative must move “by writing” by letting you pretend to throw a 50-degree movement, actually using Crunch and its 45 power instead, and having five powers next to any subsequent movements later.

In cases where all other things are equal, that means that Bidoof throwing Crunch first (and then getting the shield with it) will be better than Bidoof starting with throwing Hyper Fang / Grass Knot, but that doesn’t mean Crunch Bidoof wins the end.

But before I go too far into that beaver hole, I want to point out the special moves you get during the Bidoof Breakout. While I recommend getting at least one good one in each of the three well-known specializations while you can — you never know when it might get you a quick and sudden departure refreshment — there’s really no reason to start Bidoof with Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, or Shadow Ball during the Bidoof Cup. Beam and Bolt do less damage than Grass Knot, and the Shadow Ball represents the only movement against Bidoofs in fact: air damage.

So even though it’s the highest damage on paper, it actually works with 20 times less damage than Crunch, and less than half of the Beam / Bolt / Knot / Fang damage. I think there are some great style points for trying to use Shadow Ball in a format where all the opposition is twice as opposed, and props if you somehow win that way. But don’t try. Bidoof has a high place!

Two more walks to discuss, though. Yes, there is only one, because Disappointment is a complete avoidance, but unfortunately you will be arrested if you use Shadow Bidoof, as we have just left the TM-Frustration-away event and not even the good King (Bidoof) knows when we will see it.

One interesting step is Return, given by following the advice of Professor Willow and cleaning up your Shadow Bidoof. Yes, it costs 70 superpowers, which would sound like 700 with Bidoof’s below the power of the lower generation. But IF you end up in a place where you close with Bidoof (after leading with Bidoof and, of course, you’ve already burned through your secure Bidoof exchange) with Return and some power, Return deals over 100 damage to Bidoofs’ enemies, no other movement that smells even 70.

So what do I recommend running for? First, going faster, both have merit (in this meta). Tackle Bidoof (at least with good IVs, which we’ll look at in more detail soon) can do very well, and you can probably get better by sticking with FAST movement depending on your style of play. On the other hand, Town Down Bidoof operates with more pressure than the shield and wins by throwing multiple payouts. And there is nothing “better” in nature than the other here, just two different styles.

When it comes to charging travel, Hyper Fang is a simple recommendation, as Bidoof’s advanced travel is by far the most damaging to the rate (if STAB is included) and is tied to a second cheaper one. After all, it’s the kind of story you like between Crunch (speed) and Return, in my opinion.

Repeat: in this way where no Bidoof movement above does better deal with neutral damage, all specials (Grass Knot, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Shadow Ball) are all under Hyper Fang and there is no reason to start without lolz, so Crunch has a better case than them all as at least cheap. And foolishly as it sounds to put “Bidoof” and “close” in the same sentence, Bidoof will be NEAR you, so if you can arrange for that one to have Return, that would be great if you were able to take off your shoes.

After all, if you decide to run with SHADOW Bidoof, you have no option to recover at all. In that case, you will be stuck in Hyper Fang OR Crunch as your best options. And here’s the funny thing about both of them: and actually there’s nothing better (top injury) than non-Shadow Bidoof when they go head to head. To illustrate… here is a head-on collision between Shadow and non-Shadow Bidoof.

Note that unless one is Shadow (and you get that Shadow damage increase) and the other is not Shadow, both Bidoofs suffer the same damage with their faster movement and charging… 3 per Tackle, 56 per Crunch, and 77 per Hyper Fang. No, this is not a strange simulation, but rather the Shadows work exactly as advertised.

Yes, Shadow Pokémon gets about a 20% increase in their Attack… but also a 20% nerf in their Defense. Since both Pokémon are the same (Bidoof) in this case, the promotion of Shadow Attack causes the same damage to the non-Shadow Bidoof as it does to the non-Shadow Bidoof damage to the Defensively nerfed Shadow Bidoof.

Shadow Bidoof has no damage benefits at all in this format… Shadow versus non-Shadow remains a true mirror game-driven only by defending decisions, lag (hey, I would be foolish not to look at that as a feature these days), and IVs.

And that is the last part of this discussion that I want to focus on: IVs. My friend ytxpikachu, who is one of the main contributors to the Go Go Log Log and a great fan deserving of many fans (hints, hints) a pigeon who didn’t give a damn about Bidoof IVs yesterday, sent me his findings, and encouraged me to use them in this article. So to remind you again that the credit for the many details of the breach and the bulkpoint point below for ytx, here is what he found and recommended that I share with you all, loyal readers:

The appropriate Tackle breakpoints are listed in the table above. As you can see, a high Bidoof Attack (with Attack 64.4 or higher) can begin to deal with 4 Tackle damage (instead of the usual 3) to bring down the Bidoof Defense opponents. As for ytx notes, if you have a Defense above 51.8 (which is easy to achieve, in fact), you can prevent Bidoofs that are too heavy to have this advantage. So there is a break for the keys- AND more points to look for compared to Tackle Bidoof.

Take down Bidoof you get a little trick. Even if there is less damage per speed than Tackle, keep in mind that Tackle has one cooldown chance (0.5 seconds) while Town Down stays 3 times (1.5 seconds), so each Down Down person does more damage on paper than anyone each Tackle, but you can access three Tackles simultaneously using one Down Tackle.

Do you have all that? I hope so, because now is the time to take off / bulkpoints. Normally, each Down Down causes 4 damage to the opposing Bidoofs, but it is much easier to get to the rest areas, as you can see in this table image:

It can be somewhat difficult to achieve the bulkpoint required to protect the opponent from dealing with 5 damage with Down Down kakhulu The highest attack one can do that almost no matter how big your Bidoof is:

However, you can PREVENT a second 6-injury breach without much trouble, requiring 51.9 Protection to ensure that even the Attack-heavy Bidoof you can imagine (66.5-Attack, 15-0-0 Superdoof!) Can’t reach that 6 damage . a place to unwind. If all of that was confusing… just check the charts again. That would be easy.

Ytx also tested the Shadow / Bulkpoints of Tackle directly, and found that while THERE is something to be found (return from 3 each to 4 each), the most common IV spread is. I usually don’t worry about it too much, but here’s a quick picture of the meat of his big table:

Now what does all that mean? The key to putting all of that together is as follows. When you scroll through an article you look at TL; DR type information, NOTE IN THIS ARTICLE:

Bidoof with 122 HP will generally beat the opposing Bidoof, standard or Shadow, by simply passing them on. Examples of these simulations include dealing with max Attack Bidoof (win), standard # 1 IV Bidoof (win), and of course any standard IV intermediate (win).

You can push your Bidoof up to 123 HP and win Number 1 IVs in the Bidoof Cup especially with the IV range 0-6-14 (Level 31) or 0-7-15 (in Level 30.5), both hit 500 CP exactly and give Bidoof 123 HP, 58-59 Defense, and 59 Attack.

And you can see in this Bidoof core meta meta (thank you so much, and so on, to the amazing Mr. PvPoke for combining such a meta to withstand it!), Having one of these IVs that is definitely spread out really pays off! Your Bidoof will receive its Lord Bidoof title!

If you don’t find Bidoof with those IVs, your best bet (as usual in the Little / Great / Ultra Leagues) is to go just in high volume and low Attack. Obviously you won’t get to those breakpoints we’ve talked about, but in all honesty, you have to have an unbalanced Bidoof (with very high Attack and a lot of risk) to hit high scores in the rest areas anyway.

I personally do not encourage you to try un just stick to the biggest Bidoofs you can get and work in the bank beyond the opposition party. Yes, you can only live with 1 or 2 HP left, but if you survive, that’s all that matters!

But wait, there’s still MUCH more before we go. While not part of the ongoing Bidoof Breakout event and, of course, never even mentioned in official Niantic publications, PokeMiners also found a note in code about Bidoof that knows Superpower.

Obviously this could drastically change the format, as Superpower is a fighting force (the most effective AKA to Bidoof) that carries twice as much damage to Crunch as possible, and does most Bidoof KOs quickly meet the minimal damage of Town Down needed to build on, let alone high damage very tackle collection.

(Just 10 Tackles damage and one Superpower is enough to bring down your Bidoof). I have chosen not to include any further speculation in the review of the analytical article that has already been speculated, but I would have the impression that I at least did not point out that Supppower Bidoof IS yet to come during this crazy Cup.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand and where we have it. Far, far more than I expected to write about Bidoof in my life. Thank you for sticking to me with the wonderful parts AND the amazing in-depth analysis. Obviously this is a comic format, and while I was trying to keep it in the same light throughout the story, I wanted to give you a real analysis, which is to help you fight the Boofy war when (if?) The time comes. I hope this helped!

To say the least, I don’t know when the Bidoof Cup will see the light of day. My guess is that it will happen with one of our GO Battle Nights, but that’s all: speculation. Whenever it comes, I hope you now feel better prepared… and know what kind of Bidoof hunting as they come out of Pokémon GO next week.

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