Pokemon Declares July 1 as Bidoof Day

Pokemon Company has declared July 1 as Bidoof Day and has promised a stupid day of bidoofery and whimsy on behalf of everyone you love Pokemon. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company announced that they were hosting Bidoof Day on July 1. Few details were announced earlier for the upcoming event, but Pokemon promised it would be a day to celebrate Pokemon fans’ favorite.

So far – two festivals have been announced. Pokemon Go’sBidoof Breakout will feature an additional special July 1 featuring Bidoof known as Superpower, a new Special Research story with branch news, and the Bidoof Cup Go Battle League with rules that require players to bring Bidoof only to battle. Additionally, the Pokemon TV app has a selection of Pokemon anime episodes along with Bidoof available for free viewing throughout the week.

Pokemon Official Tweet

Bidoof is a generic Pokemon like a beaver and first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Although it is a Pokemon Mouse in its generation, Bidoof has always produced good thanks for its beautiful face. Pokemon spread twice in 2021 only, once in its star-studded turn to New Pokemon Snap and once on April 1 when the Pokemon Twitter account became a Bidoof stan account.

Bidoof Day is probably just a fun day to celebrate the goofy Pokemon, but stay tuned for Thursday if there might be any kind of news drop. After all, Bidoof will appear in two Pokemon games in the next few months – Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be released in November, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be released in January 2022. Bidoof also appeared in an important art linked to the latest game, so maybe we will see new game drawings or something that will excuse the whole day of midwifery in this economy.

Now I’m not used to analyzing metas that haven’t been officially announced yet, and we don’t know at all at this point when or if this form will ever appear. This is probably just the biggest Niantic troll. But still, I could not resist. I had to… well, dip my teeth in this format and see what would happen with the release!

So first of all, let’s separate the little star of the show.

Yes, indeed, there are actually a few things to discuss here!

First of all, no, Bidoof is NOT a standard / liquid type. The origin of Bibarel has both typing, but there is a common misconception that Bidoof is also half wet, and that is simply not true. It may seem inappropriate for a format where it is the only thing you will see, but once we get to the steps you will see why understanding that is actually, it is legally important. Like mono Normal, it is only in danger of fighting damage, twice resisting Ghost, and taking neutral damage to everything else.

Next, Bidoof is a little boy with a tank! If you read my latest guide to the Element Cup, you will know that more than half of the rules are evident in the Little League, with some of the best Element features with 107-109 HP. Bidoof has 119 big in comparison! Compensation, it has less Defense (and almost Attack almost average), but it is still appropriate to call it “bulky” as a whole.

Yes, there is really no sugar to cover it up … Bidoof has some awesome quick steps. The standard fast-moving (like the Water Gun enjoyed by Bibarel) has 3.0 as a system of Damage per Turn and Energy Per Turn. While Tackle at least hits the damage mark, it is below average in terms of power gain. On the other hand, while Town Down is not hitting the EITHER mark, it has at least a much higher energy gain than the Tackle, with money to cover more than half of the Tackle damage.

The options here are so bad that when I first started exploring the Bidoof Breakout event and the exciting new additions added to the Bidoof kingdom, I literally wrapped it up within a few minutes of getting started. Tackle and Take Down both drag Bidoof down to the inevitable even in the lovely Little Cup books. For example, when it didn’t qualify for the Element Cup, even if it came from there anyway… well, look how they killed my boy!

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