Pixel 6 will not ship with a charger in the box

After much speculation that the Pixel 5a would go on sale in August, Google launched a mid-range phone on Tuesday. Pixel 5a offers a few upgrades over Pixel 4a 5G which is not yet good enough to secure a purchase. The Pixel 6 will be more expensive, but it will bring a lot of notable specs making the flagship a much better investment. High specs, camera upgrades, and construction will allow the Pixel 6 to remain functional for many years. But those who decide on the purchase of the new Pixel this year should know that Google is ready to copy Apple’s Apple resolutions as well. Starting with Pixel 6 phones, Google will not put a charger in the box.

The iPhone has started it all

Apple confirmed last year rumors that its iPhones would not be sent for free chargers and earphones. The company explained that most consumers already have chargers and headphones. Removing accessories from the iPhone box can help Apple reduce waste. First, Apple will produce a few chargers. Second, all the iPhone sales boxes are small. Because of this, Apple can pack more units of the same transportation than before.

Samsung is quick to follow Apple’s lead, as do other smartphone retailers. Over time, many handset manufacturers will remove free chargers from the box. Hearing that Google plans to remove the charger from Pixel 6 phones is no surprise.

All you need is a charging cable, which will work with most chargers. Android is much lighter than the iPhone, as most devices include USB-C ports and chargers. However, all iPhones ship with Lightning-to-USB-C chargers, requiring dongles or a brand new USB-C charger.

The Pixel 6 charger is out of the box

Google has already confirmed the design of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with advanced features. It was not a typical launch event, as Google will hold a press conference sometime in early October to fully unlock the new Pixels. First of all, Google has just shown a new design, confirming the latest leaks. The company has also announced a custom Tensor CPU that will enable two Pixels and its top specs.

The company has not commented on the iPhone 6 charger until this week. With the Perge Verge, Google said it expects the Pixel 5a to be the last phone to charge the box.

Google claims that most people already own USB-C charging bricks, which is a legitimate issue. Only affected people who have never had a smartphone or other device die with USB-C. They will need to purchase a USB-C charger separately.

Traveling will help Google save money completely. We hope that some of that money will be passed on to consumers. But the Pixel 6 and especially the Pixel 6 Pro will be more expensive devices, both of which include premium hardware, and features.

Most phones these days support wireless charging too, especially the high-end ones like the Pixel 6 series. But the feature requires the purchase of a separate wireless charger. The wireless charger also comes with a standard charging brick.

Pixel fans deciding between Pixel 5a and Pixel 6 have to bear the cost of charging if they don’t have a single spare around.

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