Oppo X 2021 – First rollable Screen Smartphone Review

Oppo X 2021– The writing of a decade or more on Smartphones can leave you confused but I tend to believe that many would agree with me: smartphones are rarely fun. Faster charging speeds, more megapixels, higher refresh rates, and more Gigahertz than you know what you’ve done – these are necessary steps for evolution but this inevitable, incremental improvement is not a dynamic change.

Folders, and by extension, folding calls challenge the situation. So far, however, even the best mobile phones have become more ambitious than you should be. It could be uncontrollable size, unsightly creases, or software malfunctions, which are wrapped up so far to be fun but not nearly good enough for standard adoption, even if the second generation of hardware release like Samsung Samsung Z Z 2 and Huawei Mate X2.

Install the Oppo X 2021 – a Chinese company concept phone folding. Unlike the current crop of folding phones, the Oppo X 2021 looks like a table nondescript. The thick upper bezel on the right can attract curiosity, but for the most part, the phone is not at all the same as the existing larger phones. And in it lies its beauty.

In order for mobile phones to roll over, devices will need to maximize usability in a way that suits normal users, rather than the surrounding method. And unlike folding in size when closed, forming an invisible bulge in the pockets, or requiring two hands to open, folding wires are completely independent animals and there are no such problems.

If you don’t know what’s hiding underneath, the Oppo X 2021 can pass just like any other smartphone. However, a quick swipe on the power key later, the two motors perform the action and what is incomprehensible is a straightforward science fiction novel.

We were able to put our hands on one another to check out the short painful moment. Here is what we found.

So, what’s it like to use the Oppo X 2021 rollable phone?

I’m sure I have to turn on the display at least 100 times in the two days I have had the phone. The great act of seeing the display removed and enlarged by the fabric is magical. I couldn’t find enough to watch the transition as the content flowed out seamlessly and prepared for a new dimension. The beautiful animation of Oppo’s transformation continues to help the cause and a few minutes with the Oppo X 2021 is enough to ensure that the display release is more than just a clean party trick.

As smartphone displays have matured, they have found a long time to embrace everyday ergonomics. However, that long-term rating can lead to a poor reading and viewing experience. The funny phone of the Oppo X 2021 solves that problem. Call it the post-wedding season to try a new piece of technology, but the extended screen wealth I spent a lot of time looking at phone content, taking notes, and finally working on my pending reading in Pocket.

It takes about two seconds for the display to drop from 6.7-inch all the way up to 7.4-inches and the Oppo X 2021 works just as well as a mini-tablet when extended. The 0.7-inch size increase may not sound like much, but it does change the way you use this device. Not only does it add about 50% more screen space, but the transition from a 19.5: 9 panel to a nearly 4: 3 screen makes it an ideal place to install an e-reader or tablet as small as the iPad Mini.

The quick swipe action to unlock the screen is good enough to reach, and I find myself clearing the display every time I read the content of a long form. Oppo has done a great job in managing the weight distribution which makes it easy to hold the folding phone with one hand.

It is also helpful that the screen itself is very good and does not have unsightly layers that we have received on the folding phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. The P-OLED display used here does not have the Ultra-Thin Glass from Samsung devices, but in my short time with the phone, the Oppo screen laminate seemed to hold up well. Significantly, fingerprints and smudges were not essential.

Some builds are great, especially if you think this is a model device. Oppo uses a 2-in-1 plate that sits at the bottom of the display and gives us structural support. Meanwhile, at the back, the plastic plate protrudes as the aluminum shell separates. Everything is well thought out and the Oppo X 2021 has never felt weak or weak.

And before you ask, yes, the display will automatically roll over if it gets disturbed. For the test, I put a little pressure on the side of the phone with an extended display, and the screen automatically folds to prevent damage. Similarly, the screen did not resolve when I grabbed it from the side despite using the slide-out action. It’s expensive and obviously, Oppo has considered situations where protecting the most vulnerable parts is important.

The Oppo X 2021 rollable phone is great… for a concept

For all its beauty, the speculative concept of the Oppo X 2021 phone is far from over, and it’s hard to estimate how many of these problems are because it makes sense. First, there is the thickness and weight of the phone. At 10.7mm in size, the Oppo X 2021 is a bit chonky boi, but it is 278g of weight that is hard to ignore.

That weight mostly falls on cars. In fact, many issues over the phone boil two engines. For one thing, they are angry. Thinking of unintentionally unraveling a display at a meeting? That’s not it.

Those cars set a surprisingly high price on battery life. The battery gauge was not entirely accurate to the model device I used, but the twelve rolls and unrolls bring the battery life down by 50%.

That first impression of the model reaches the point of action on the power button. More than once, I found myself rubbing the power button unnecessarily waiting for the magic to happen to make me unhappy. Alternatively, the phone also loses important features such as a front-facing camera, biometric opening, and, as a result, volume buttons.

Then there are reliable phone concerns like this. For more than two days of use, I could already see the dust accumulating in the sliding frame. Unlike conventional unibody cables, folding and folding wires must definitely have some elements open to the elements. Samsung had to make a whole plan to deal with the formation of dust on the Z Fold 2 hinge, and it remains to be seen how a rolling device like the Oppo X 2021 will handle real-world conditions over time.

The Oppo X 2021 is a peek into the future of smartphones

While the standard unibody slabs will continue to be the bread and butter of the industry, the bending and folding of the display further develops things in new and exciting ways. As a demonstration of a technology that stops bleeding, Oppo’s threatened phone is doing its job. It instilled in me a love for something new and excited me about the future of dynamic display technology. In fact, my time with the Oppo X 2021 has convinced me that folding phones have different advantages over non-foldable ones.

The clever, standard design, when closed, shifts it to standard adoption. Add to that the lack of a crease or dynamic aspect ratio to match movies, games, or readings and you can see how the form factor gives you the best. Having tried almost all the smartphones on the market, I can safely say that the Oppo X 2021 is very close to combining the experience of a smartphone and tablet into one device, and that is because of how the phone is used.

Sure, it has its own shut-off buttons, but by allowing users to try out the Oppo X 2021 without external laboratory conditions, Oppo proves that folding phones are much closer than we expected. And I, myself, can’t wait to get my hands on the final version.

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