OnePlus Buds Pro are coming — and you can apply to test them

OnePlus Buds Pro– OnePlus has a busy year. Not only is the company preparing to launch its fourth annual handset, the OnePlus Nord 2, but it is now clear that it has a new set of wireless earphones in the works. In addition, it requires volunteers to test both Nord 2.

The disclosure comes on the OnePlus Lab website, where the company simply states the product name: OnePlus Buds Pro.

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  4. While that may not be the worst thing you can do, we can still offer a lot: obviously in the high-end version of the $ 79 OnePlus Buds, a set of true wireless earbuds that we gave three and a half stars when we reviewed them last year.

Importantly, in some wireless earphones, the word “Pro” has been used to indicate the presence of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This is the case with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and AirPods Pro, so it looks like OnePlus will do the same with the Buds Pro, although we hope to improve the quality of the muddy sound and comfort in the new version.

While OnePlus does not give a date for the release of Buds Pro, testers will find the product very soon, raising hopes for a wide-ranging release soon. The company says applications for testing are closed on July 17, and successful applicants will be announced on July 21 for the product to be approved on the “launch date” already confirmed on July 22.

How to apply to test OnePlus Buds Pro 

Applying for OnePlus Buds Pro and Nord 2 testing is straightforward, and it helps ensure that testers will keep up with the products (too). However, applying does not guarantee selection, and is far from free, with OnePlus claiming that testers will be selected based on “their photography and writing skills”.

This, combined with the fact that the company has only 20 test devices (10 Nord 2 handset and 10 sets of OnePlus Buds Pro) means you should not raise your hopes too much.

However, here’s how to apply for a OnePlus Buds Pro test.

  1. Head over to the OnePlus Lab website
  2. Scroll down to “The Lab – Buds Pro Edition” and press the Apply button.
  3. Complete an application form. Basically it is more selective and requires less text input, but there is a section where it requires you to write a tech review (up to 10,000 characters) or link to a previously published work.

The closing date is July 17, and OnePlus will take eight days to review the applications before announcing the selected testers at its Public Forum on July 21.

We’ve seen the OnePlus Buds less expensive and the OnePlus Buds Z cheaper, but another version of wireless earbuds is on the way, guaranteed: OnePlus Buds Pro Edition is in the pipeline, and OnePlus is looking for testers.

In fact, as shown on the OnePlus Lab portal page, you can join by signing up to test OnePlus Buds Pro and OnePlus Nord 2 ahead of time. You have until July 17 to receive your application.

OnePlus says you get to keep the Hardware you are given, as long as you provide the agreed response and update to OnePlus in return – but with only 10 phones and 10 pairs of wireless earbuds available, there will be a lot of competition.

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  • “Input will be updated based on your photography and writing skills,” OnePlus said. “Other conditions include your technical gadget knowledge, review history, blogging, and user-related content that highlights your writing technology. This allows us to determine if you are eligible to be a Lab reviewer.”

A new device appears

We’ve already heard a little bit about the OnePlus Nord 2, which will be officially launched on July 22 and will launch in Europe and India. This is the first time we’ve heard any mention of OnePlus Buds Pro wireless earbuds, however.

And … almost everything we find on the Labs page: name. Obviously, with that ‘Pro’ moniker, we think these will be the premium version of OnePlus earbuds already released in the world, but we haven’t heard any rumors or speculation about what OnePlus Buds Ipro can offer.

With both Nord 2 Lab and Buds Pro applications running on the same day, there is a chance that both devices could start parallel later this month – although given that this is the first time we’ve heard about it, it seems unlikely.

We think active audio cancellation could be one of the things that sets OnePlus Buds Pro apart from OnePlus Buds – as is the case with AirPods Pro and standard AirPods from Apple. As soon as we hear more, we will let you know.

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