New WhatsApp update gives you more control over your privacy

New WhatsApp update gives you more control over your privacy
New WhatsApp update gives you more control over your privacy

A new WhatsApp beta update is coming out, with a new privacy feature that will make it easier to avoid certain contacts or hide your information from certain users.

Recognized by WABetaInfo, the update adds a new option to the privacy setting for last detection. Previously, this gave users the option to show their status to everyone, their contacts, or no one else. The additional “My External Contacts …” option allows users to specify contacts who do not want to see their final status.

This will give users more control over who can see when they end up online, and perhaps a better way to avoid certain contacts, giving you the impression that you are offline to reply to their messages. That being said, they should still be able to see when you are online. And while the option to completely block a contact is always available, this option works as a “soft block” as they can still communicate with you.

The option also comes with a profile picture and a About section. It comes with WhatsApp beta version and can be accessed under account privacy settings under each option respectively.

As noted in the picture above, if you hide your last status from anyone, you will not be able to see his status. However, WABetaInfo notes that this restriction does not apply to the profile picture or the About section.

This feature is slowly coming out of certain beta testers on the best Android phones, so those of you in the beta channel may not see the option right away.

WhatsApp has been exploring a new option to let you hide your information in certain contacts for a while now. The feature first appeared in September. At that time, we learned that it will allow you to hide your Visibility, Profile Image, and information about your selected contacts. The feature has now started to be released with the latest version of WhatsApp beta, and you can try it once you sign up for the WhatsApp beta program.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp beta v2.21.23.14 for Android introduces a new visibility option for a few users. To use the feature, you must first download the latest releases from the Google Play Store or APK Mirror. Then, you can navigate to Privacy Settings and select the new “My External Contacts …” option to add the contacts you want to block. The visibility option is available in WhatsApp Status, Keep Visibility, and information about it.

Once enabled, the selected contacts will not be able to see your WhatsApp Status, Keeping Vision, and About Information. However, if you disable last contact, you will not be able to see it in her profile. This limit does not apply to WhatsApp Status and information about.

WABetaInfo notes that this feature is currently available for a limited number of beta testers, so you may not see the new visibility option even in the latest beta update. But as it has already begun to outperform other testers, it should not be long before WhatsApp releases it to more users.

WhatsApp has been exploring many new features recently in an effort to retain users. Messenger is currently exploring a new Community feature, Novi integration for payments, a new UI for contact information, and much more.


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