Microsoft Windows 11 Available Soon in Preview Before Official Rolled out

Microsoft on Thursday unveiled a new version of Microsoft Windows 11 that empowers most of the world’s computers, opening the door for apps designed for Google’s Android-powered operating system.

US technology titan said Windows 11 will be available this holiday season as a free update to its predecessor.

“Today marks the biggest milestone in the history of Windows,” Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said in a statement.

“It is the beginning of a new computer age; we think everything. ”

Windows 11 features introduced by Microsoft include bringing Android apps to Windows for the first time by allowing computer users to access them via the Amazon App Store.

Selection will be limited by Android apps provided by Amazon, which means some popular apps will not be available.

Microsoft chief product officer Panos Panay has indicated a change with the TikTok app, saying it is his favorite.

“Consider recording and posting a video from TikTok or using Khan Academy Kids to learn the real thing on your computer,” Panay said.

Microsoft has relocated its store to Windows for apps and other digital content to make it even more enjoyable, and said developers will be able to use their commercial platforms to avoid paying any commissions to the tech giant.

The move comes with Apple under fire for a sale on the App Store that serves as the only gateway to content on their iPhones and other devices.

In addition to simplifying Windows design with the aim of making the user interface cleaner and faster, Microsoft has integrated it with its Xbox cloud gaming service.

Windows 11 has features designed to enhance the video game with rich graphics and more, according to the presentation.

The app also continued the habit of Microsoft unlocking its computers on devices provided by competitors while delivering revenue from cloud-based services or software.

The original version of Windows 11 was to be shared with participants in the “internal system” to pick up feedback in the months that led to its public release.

Microsoft Windows 11 Will Let You Sideload Android Apps

When Microsoft launched Windows 11 this week, it also excited to bring Android apps to the OS via the Amazon Appstore. It is an exciting feature for both diehards for Windows looking for multiple browsing options and for casual users who may want additional use of the Android app. But the first announcement was unclear as to whether Android apps would be available outside of the Amazon Appstore.

Well-known developer Miguel de Icaza tweeted “Yes!” when asked if downloading APK files is possible on Windows 11. De Icaza is a Leading Engineer at Microsoft and currently contributes to a project that makes Android applications running on Windows operating systems.

News excites Windows 11 users and future developers. The ability to reload APKs, an Android package extension, means you won’t be limited to apps approved by the Amazon App Store. You will be able to download apps from sites like APK Mirror or even open source app stores like F-Droid.

We don’t have the full details yet, so beware of caveats. It is always unclear whether you will be able to double-click to install the APK or if you will need to use it using the command line to set it up. And unfortunately, the ability to reload does not mean you will have access to Android Android apps on Windows 11. You still need Google services and its APIs to install certain Google apps. XDA developers note that some non-Google applications such as Twitter may not work properly because they rely on specific device-specific permissions.

For its part, Microsoft uses Intel Bridge technology to make Android-on-Windows power possible. A post-compiler of working time that enables Android-enabled apps to work traditionally on the x86 platform, using Intel and AMD processors. Android apps will also run on the Windows Subsystem to Android, just as Windows 10 makes it possible to run Linux apps in their small window.

The Android sub-system that will provide the traditional hosting app between the Android app model and the Windows app model. There will be a virtual machine that provides compatibility with the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which provides customized Android variations that do not require Google Play Services support.

Android apps on Amazon Appstore work on Windows because FireOS is already based on AOSP. It’s a great way to collaborate that will hopefully help bridge the gap for other Android and PC users who want Apple-like anger between devices.

The official Windows 11 preview will be rolled out to Windows Insider from next week. You can sign up with your Microsoft account to check it out – though you should do so from a computer that is not your main machine. However, the Android app’s capabilities will not be available to try, and it is unlikely to sprout until the new Microsoft Store runs live this year.

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