Microsoft Sees The Future of work as truly Hybrid

Microsoft has dropped its weight after a mixed-use revolution, a major executor calling it the “single-generation revolution”.

Speaking at the company’s event, Jared Spataro, vice president of the company, Microsoft 365, outlined the company’s mixed performance while launching a series of innovations to some of its most popular tools to support change.

“Hybrid’s work is not just a new way of working, it’s just a redesign of the way things are done – and a big change in the work generation,” he said.

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“I believe we have a chance to make it a success for everyone if we take advantage of this opportunity, take advantage of new opportunities and embrace the idea of ​​growth – that’s why we will build a better world of work for everyone.”

Microsoft- The future of Hybrid

Spararo noted that Microsoft customers have been asking three questions when it comes to multitasking; redesigning their business to embrace flexibility, how to ensure that every employee has a seat at the table whether they work away or in the office, and ultimately “how the future of the work can be made better than everyone else”.

“Our team has spent a lot of time thinking about these questions,” he said. “A cohesive work environment will require all of us to embrace the dynamics of when, where and how people work … as we move into the next chapter of work, collaborative collaboration will be an integral part of the way we work with others.”

Spararo was speaking at the launch of a variety of Microsoft 365 updates, including Team Techniques and Outlook (as well as Whiteboard and OneNote) that allow interaction either real-time or voluntarily, including tools such as checklists, to-do lists, agendas, categories and permanent tables. it is timely as everyone donates their piece.

At Spataro, these new features are perfectly designed to “match the playing field” of all employees – whether they work remotely or in the office. He pointed out that prior to the epidemic, long-distance phone calls to team members often left employees feeling marginalized, but new updates from Microsoft teams allow employees to feel better about being in the conference room.

“Effective hybrid meetings start with designing people who are not in the room,” he said. “When business leaders listen to their employees and what they want, and make thoughtful decisions, based on how they move forward and embrace flexibility, then we can move forward the best in the world, both in office and away.”

Microsoft began welcoming more employees back to their office in March 2021, but the company fully embraced mixed work, encouraging employees to take care of their own well-being and to invest in cloud devices and security systems.

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