Microsoft Brings Pirates Of The Caribbean To Sea Of Thieves To Fight Stimulation

Hello, friends today we will be discussing the latest update that Microsoft brings pirates of the Caribbean to the sea of thieves and so many top guns to the fight simulation games in the latest updates.

Pirates of the Caribbean To Sea of Thieves

On Sunday, during a Microsoft E3 show, engineer Rare announced he had officially partnered with Disney to expand the “Pirates of the Caribbean” – a planned extension, “Pirate Life,” a free update that hit the multiplayer game on June 22. As Rare producer Joe Neate tells you, ” pirate crossover last. “

Speaking to Variety a few days before the unveiling and displaying of drawings and details for the first time, Neate, general art director Mike Chapman and Disney and Power Games vice president Luigi Priore are almost fans, and it’s easy to see why. Chapman has previously described the “Pirates of the Caribbean” as one of the activities for which the “Sea of ​​Thives” team inspired the development, and actually describes working with Disney on it as “one of the best moments for me.”

According to Neate, Chapman and Priore, it’s a secret they’ve been keeping under their hats since E3 2019, when Rare started bringing their idea to Disney. The three say it was soon clear how the two structures would work out, and Priore recalls that Chapman was a “pedestrian encyclopedia” of “Pirates of the Caribbean” information, coming to a logical table that would cover both their IP worlds.

“At that first meeting, Mike and I walked out of the house literally, and when we got to the corner – making sure we weren’t over – we put our arms around and said, ‘We’re going to do something special here,’ from spending 45 minutes in a room with a group at Disney,” recalls Neate.

Once the partnership is legal, with the decline of technology, Chapman says one of the priorities was honesty – not only in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” world, but also in the “Sea of ​​Thieves,” and the lore built around the game since its launch in 2018.

“What we immediately understood was the idea that if the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ land came to the ‘Sea of ​​Thieves,’ it would have to be fundamental to how the two worlds fell,” he said. “Not a lot of side issues, take it or leave it, kind of the same demand. It had to be something that propelled the land of the ‘Sea of ​​Thieves’. ”

With that in mind, the team began immersing themselves in the myths behind “Sea of ​​Thives” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” and saw the most appropriate communication. One, explains Chapman, began with The Ferryman, a character best known for the game’s protagonists as the captain of the Demon Boat that brings dead robbers to the Sea of ​​Thieves. The main protagonist of the “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Davy Jones, plays a similar role in this series, moving between the world of the living and the dead. Both play on the idea that pirate life is eternal.

“We are getting into the idea of ​​a deeper definition of pirate freedom, or what it means to be a pirate,” Chapman said. “Jack has that awesome line I love from the first movie around what a ship is, freedom. So the idea that the Sea of ​​Thieves is positioned as a place where pirate life lasts forever – that kind of consecutive idea that Jack would want to be in the Sea of ​​Thieves and see it as a myth, a fountain of youth – the dualism makes great sense. ”

As Sparrow eventually became a player’s co-worker for his entertainment, Rare went on to assure him that his appearance would prove to be true for fans of the “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Chapman says they had one of Johnny Depp’s two stunt visits to the club to make sure they could answer questions such as “if Jack were to say this, what would he do with his hands? How would he carry it? What would his situation be like? ”

That real effort goes beyond the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, but also Disneyland’s appeal. In fact, one of the most recognizable views of the variety was a place inspired by the ride, and Chapman claims to have used the sound from the 1967 attraction to the game. As players tour the grottos, they will hear the sound of “Dead Men Tell No Tales” echoing everywhere, just as those who rode in Disneyland for decades.

But the team doesn’t just take clues from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” country – it builds on them. Chapman points to the Cursed Sea in the “Sea of ​​Thieves” as an example, a place where nightmares and nightmares become a reality.

“When Jack Sparrow gets lost in the Damned Sea, he finds some moments in his life,” he said. “So it allows us to bring these stories that take moments you remember from movies or moments you remember from the fascination with life in a completely logical way in the narrative we tell you.”

“Sea of ​​Thieves: Pirate Life” does not mark the first time that “Pirates of the Caribbean” has received video game treatment, although it has not received a full game since 2011 (except for the 2017 mobile game). So if Disney wants to get back to Jack Sparrow and co. With the video game form, why not just make a new game?

As Priore tells you, the answer to that question is quite simple: the best pirate video game already exists. Why not jump on a ship that is already sailing?

“It’s hard to make a game right away,” he said. “And if you think about robbers and think of what the best pirate game out there is, maybe ever done, it’s the‘ Sea of ​​Thieves. ’Why would you try to hit the best thing out there? Why not build something together? ”

To say that collaborating with fans has been waiting for them would be an understatement. Fans used Jack Sparrow gifs while tweeting the game, streamer cosplay as a popular character while playing “Sea of ​​Thives,” and many even asked the Rare team directly if it could happen (one tweet from in 2018, before that relationship was born, even the studio says there would be no more IPs in the game).

As Chapman puts it, “If you did a Venn Diagram for fans of the ‘Sea of ​​Thieves’ and fans of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ it would be a party.

“For our fans, fans of the ‘Sea of ​​Thieves’ and fans of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, I think they will probably feel the same way we do,” Neate said. “It’s a dream come true for everyone.”

Pirates of The Caribbean Release Date And Trailer

As per the official tweet of Xbox on their Twitter account, it is stated the new update is going to be launch on 22 June 2021. And we will see the pirates of the Caribbean in the sea of thieves in the new update.

The trailer of this update is also uploaded on their twitter account.

Source – Xbox Twitter Account

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