Mario Golf: super Rush Free Content Update August 2021

Mario Golf: Super Rush version 2.0.0 is now live, adding a high amount of new content to the Nintendo Switch game! Officially unveiled earlier today, content updates include a new golfer in the form of Toadette, as well as a new study based in New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey. A matching mode will also be set. All in all, this looks like a great bonus for those who took the game early in the summer, and should encourage players to stick to the theme! Full-note patch packs have been released by Nintendo and can be found below.

  • We’ve added “Ranked Match” as an online gaming option.The goal is to improve your world level from “C-” to “S +” based on the number of game points per month you get from the results of your games.
  • In the specified match, you will automatically be compared to opponents as closely as possible in range and level.
  • If there are only a few opponents present, you will be matched even if there is some difference of rank, but there is a disability where the top players will be behind you in the tee. If you can’t beat a top-ranked player, a bonus will be added to your monthly rating.
  • Your monthly game points, level, and international level will be reset every month, but you will still be able to update your previous records.
  • The game is divided into four categories: “Button Controls: Normal Golf”, “Button Controls: Golf Speed”, “Movement Controls: Normal Golf”, and “Movement Controls: Golf Speed”.
  • Get an “A-” rating or higher each month, you’ll be able to use a character with a special look as a bonus.
  • Get an “A-” rating or higher in any single category during August 2021, and you’ll be able to use “Red Yoshi,” “Blue Yoshi” and “Yellow Yoshi” as a bonus, which works faster.

Addition of “Toadette” as a playable character

  • Toadette has been added as a playable character that can be used in matches.
  • While it has the highest control rating of all characters, it has the lowest power. It is recommended that those who want to hit the ball directly where they want it to go, be shot at the same time.

“New Donk City” Golf Course Added

  • “New Donk City” has been added from “Super Mario Odyssey” as a golf course.
  • This is a short lesson with 18 holes, all measured in Par 3, but offers the opportunity for a variety of techniques such as hitting the ball on the walls of buildings.
  • There are two difficulty levels to choose from, “Amateur” and “Pro”, making the tires and vegetables of all 18 holes completely different.

Fixed Movement Controls

  • It is now easier to generate energy when you swipe with a full turn in mind.
  • The approximate approaches to where the cup is placed are now less likely to expand.
  • The angle of the club now appears on the screen when you enter the ball position.

In addition to the “How to Play” section

  • Game description descriptions, and movement control tips in the “Golf Guide” have been added.

General changes

  • “Return to Course Select” and “Return to Course Select” have been added to the opt-out menu options.
  • The character points needed to find the next set of clubs are now displayed in Character Select.
  • Course Select now shows the number of holes you need to play before you can play the next course.
  • The number of holes played before the next course is displayed in Course Select.
  • However, during online playback, you may not be able to select it until you return to the main menu, or you meet the conditions.
  • The default number of players (including COM) has been changed to two when playing with “Stroke Play” and “Take Turns” rules in the Standard Golf “Play Golf” menu.
  • Adjusted the “Find Room” search process in the “Play Golf” online room menu.
  • In online play, even if a network error occurs in another player’s room, the game will now continue after the player has been replaced by a COM player. The room will be dissolved if the hosting console has a network error, because the hosting console controls game settings.
  • In Ranked Matches, if the hosting console has a connection error, it will be replaced by COM and the game will continue.
  • Warning and counting will be displayed 30 seconds before the end of the game.
  • Special Shots now strike through the leaves of trees.
  • When you play with two players in screen split mode on one Nintendo Switch console, the first player’s screen will no longer follow another player.
  • Movement controls have been changed so that the character does not automatically move when the pause menu is open during online playback.
  • Adjusted goal level to clear XC Golf at Ridgerock Lake.
  • Changes have been made to the game’s balance, and other features, to make the game feel better.

One of the most common complaints about Super Rush since its release in June is that many players want more lessons available. The addition of New Donk City should help alleviate that, giving players a much different option than anything else in the game. It is impossible to say whether fans will be satisfied following this update, but Nintendo has already confirmed that many free updates will be released in the game later this year! We hope these updates will help change the mindset, in some way.

Not everyone was happy with Mario Golf: Super Rush, of course! The game has sold 1.34 million copies since its release in June, with giving the game an average of 4.5 out of 5 in our review. The game offers many ways for players to plan their experience, and there is a lot to be done between the various modes and the individual player campaign.

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