Instagram launches anti-abusive features after recent racist attacks

Today we will discuss the latest launched feature of Instagram which is the anti-abusive feature. You can read the full detail related to this feature. The anti-abusive features might help them to make Instagram more convenient to users.

With so much swearing and harassment on the platform over the summer, Instagram has introduced and expanded three security features that will limit abusive messages and comments on user posts. Among the new features from the Facebook-hosted platform, there is a feature called ‘Limits’ that prevents anyone from following you or someone who has just followed you, from commenting or sending you a direct message.

This feature is made available to every user from today. Instagram shows that it will be very useful for businesses and influencers who are waiting for more answers. While blocking DMs or commenting will also work by reducing the limits of abusive responses, Instagram says it is looking at ways to suggest that people turn on this feature when we find a trend of activity.

Without Limits, Instagram also created a hidden word feature introduced in April and allows people to automatically filter DMs with offensive words, phrases, and emojis, and put them in a hidden folder. The feature now has a very wide list of potentially offensive words, emojis, and hashtags.

Lastly, Instagram also issued stern warnings to people trying to post offensive comments. While this type of message already exists, previously it only appeared if someone tried to send it multiple times. “We hope that these new features will better protect people from viewing abusive content, whether it is racial, sexual, same-sex, or any other form of harassment,” Instagram said in a statement. The company also said it recognizes that much remains to be done, including improving its systems to detect and remove offensive content as soon as possible, and holding accountable senders.

The allegations come after football players in England suffered online hatred and racism following England’s defeat in Italy in the Euro 2020 final, in which Marcus Rashford, Buka Saka, and Jadon Sancho missed penalties during the penalty shootout and were harassed.

Features of new limits: Demographics and celebrities

Limits are an easy-to-open feature, and we will automatically hide DM comments and requests from people who don’t follow you, or who have recently followed you. Mosseri in a blog post said, “We have improved this feature because we have heard that creators and celebrities sometimes experience duplicate comments and DM requests from strangers.”
Mosseri said the creators do not want to completely erase ideas and messages; they still want to hear from their community and build that relationship. “Restrictions allow you to hear from your long-time fans while limiting contact with people who may only be coming to your account to identify you,” Mosseri explained. Restrictions will be available worldwide from today to all Instagram users.

Hidden Names: By DM comments and spam DM

Hidden Name is a feature that allows users to automatically filter out offensive words, phrases, and emojis in a hidden folder. Users have the option to never open it if they do not want to. It also filters DM applications that can be spammy or low-level. The feature was recently introduced in selected countries but will be shipped worldwide to all users by the end of this month.

Strict warnings to abusers

Instagram already has a feature when it warns users who post offensive comments. Now, instead of waiting for the second or third comment, Instagram shows a strong message for the first time and threatens the possible deletion of their account.
“We know there is a lot to be done, including improving our systems to find and remove offensive content as soon as possible and holding those who write it accountable,” Mosseri added in a blog post.

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