Google Stadia Will Be Available for All Soon

Playing online has received a lot of support over the last few years. The availability of online streaming platforms such as Apple Arcade and Google Stadia has made this journey much easier. And now, Google has a rare opportunity for Google Stadia fans.

Google plans to expand its Stadia team. In line with this goal, Google has posted a list of jobs for the Stadia Manager Post Office on its Jobs page. The company is looking for a candidate with at least four years of product management experience with technical products with well-functioning teams including engineering, UX, UI, and system management among others.

So, what does Google aim to achieve by expanding its Google Stadia team? Yes, the to-do list reveals some details if not in this case. Part of the job description section shows that the tech giant aims to increase the availability of its cloud-based game streaming service, i.e., Stadia and so on. To give you a fast background, Stadia is already available on Android TV, Chromecast-enabled devices, and iOS. Later this year, it will be available on LG smartphones via the company WebOS. Now, the company plans to make the service available in a very different device portfolio.

“In addition to building our video game platform, we see an important opportunity to make our infrastructure and tools available to partners who want to build their own interactive streaming platforms,” ​​wrote Google on its job list.

“We work on custom-built hardware and are rapidly developing open source technology to bring a seamless gaming experience to multiple devices,” the company said. This shows that Google plans to make Stadia available to devices by other technology companies. It also shows that the company is planning to expand its hardware portfolio in this regard.

So, what kind of devices does Google watch? The job list shows that Google is interested in expanding Stadia’s reach to more TVs. “Lead our way of watching TV, making cloud games available on many devices … Work with vendors to measure the environment of devices that support Stadia hardware and software requirements,” the list says. LG TV will be receiving funding for Stadia later this year. Therefore, it is possible for the company to watch Samsung Tizen TVs and Amazon Fire TV sticks next. Other than that, the listing doesn’t reveal much.

In case you are selected, you will be directed to Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. That is another benefit, one that you do not want to miss!

Google Stadia Will be on More Devices

Google Stadia has been in use since November 2019 at this point (the beta system is open even before that), but it is not yet available on all expected devices. Depending on the list of tasks posted by Google, it may change in the future.

Found by 9to5Google, the list of Stadia executives has many indicators for expanding game streaming services. Specifically, we work to “make cloud games available on multiple devices” and “expand the device ecosystem” to support needs. KaStadia.

Television is specifically mentioned in the list of functions, and smart television is obviously one of the areas where Google Stadia can expand. Last month, the service began to be available for other Android TV devices, including Nvidia Shield TV.

For example, consider the Samsung TV that runs on Tizen and many other Amazon Fire TV devices in the market. Roku streaming devices may be one of the most sought-after items in Google Stadia expansion programs across multiple platforms and hardware.

The promotion should help alleviate concerns about the future of Google Stadia: delays in the development and expansion of Stadia, and the closure of its indoor sports studio at the beginning of the year.

Google has a long history of investing in products and closing them down years later, from Google Wave to Gmail Inbox, and there are concerns that they may be abandoned when Stadia begins to gain momentum. it was.

Certainly, Google is facing a growing level of competition in the game broadcasting business. While Amazon Luna and Nvidia GeForce Now were major competitors, Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming recently expanded its list of compatible devices to include Windows PCs and Apple devices.

Originally available for Android, Chromecast Ultra, and Chrome browsers, Stadia has since moved to iOS and iPad OS in the form of web applications, with the potential to emerge from next-generation consoles.

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