Garena Free Fire and Street Fighter V Crossover Event Details 2021

The latest crossover event between Garena Free Fire and Street Fighter V is now live with a new “Free Fighter” event. The crossover will introduce new costumes from the Street Fighter area and new special moves and adjustments to the game’s visual interface. Of course, being a limited-edition event also means that there will be plenty of in-game items installed behind the prominent characters from the street scene.

Garena Free Fire Event Adds New Street Fighter Dresses

First of all, the free fighting event will bring a new interface to the game menus that you can check below. A host of new outfits with Street Fighter-V titles will also be available for the game including Chun-Li’s dignified outfit and Ryu’s outfit.

Street Fighter Weapons and Objects in the Games

The “Free Fighter” crossover event will also bring to the game a host of special themes, including AWM rifle skin and Street Fighter Sports Car among other surprises.

The international event “Free Fighter” invites the survivors to bring the stylish clothes of fans’ favorite Chun-Li and Ryu to the battlefield and learn Hadouken’s signature reputation, Ryu’s signature. This will be accompanied by a host of unique limited content in the game, including a completely special event interface, object reskins, and much more.

According to the company, Ryu will be bringing his signature Hadouken a special attack on Free Fire. When done, Hadouken sees Ryu send a powerful force of hand energy into his hands and into his argument. Survivors will now be able to learn and practice one of the most popular pop culture combat games on Free Fire – like emote!

Survivors will be able to access a variety of Street Fighter V-themed items promoted by the game – enabling them to fight in style. This will include Chun-Li’s iconic dress – featuring his blue qipao and deadly spiked bracelets – and Gloo Wall-inspired leather.

In addition to Chun-Li’s dignified costume, Survivors will soon be given the opportunity to add Ryu’s outfit to their wardrobe as well as Gloo Wall-inspired leather. The “Free Fighter” crossover event will also bring to the game a host of special themes, including AWM rifle skins and Street Fighter Sports Car.

From today, Survivors can expect a “Free Fighter” event that completely transforms a large reception area. Fans of Street Fighter games will soon see the Air Force Base base, which is one of the oldest steps in the series, the company said.

Free Fire describes the content of their exclusive collaboration with Street Fighter. The Capcom atmosphere will be intertwined in a variety of ways with the famous rat royale, both with cosmetics and themed toys. The iconic video game characters came to survive in the battlefield of garena. You can see its main content in its official trailer, located at the top of this episode.

Street Fighter: everything you need to know

Chun-Li y Ryu face selected to move to Fire Fire. With its cosmetic packages you can dress your character in the same outfit they use in Street Fighter, among other things. Specifically, the first one comes with an MP5 Spinning Bird, with a blue warrior color, and a custom-made Gloo wall.

The Free Fighter event, as Garena calls it, will start on July 10, 2021. You will be able to start when you see that the main menu has changed to title images. Airlines, airlines and supplies will wear the Street Fighter V logos, and you’ll get a bonus in the meet point game.

In partnership with them it is hoped that you may receive additional rewards attached to this promotion. As you can see in its revealing video, you can change the image of the car, the parachute, the flying board and the Gloo wall according to the context of this interaction. Login you will receive a special backpack that will change shape as you go up.

Finally, you have the opportunity to exchange coins for daily challenges with spins in a special piercing bag, which will get you tickets exchanged for gems.

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