Population One- Facebook Acquires the Developers of Population One Game

American technology company Facebook has recently acquired another popular reality game developer, announcing on Friday that BigBox VR, the creator of VR’s ‘Population: One, will be joining Oculus Studios.

According to The Verge, Mike Verdu, VP for content at Facebook Reality Labs, wrote in a blog post saying, “Population One stormed the VR site nine months ago and has been listed as one of the leading players on the Oculus platform, including up to 24 people at a time of connecting, playing, and competing in the physical world. “

He added, “And while social media is bringing players into the POP: TOGETHER, quirky jokes, continuous updates, and pure natural fun make them come back again and again – we’ve also seen players plan a reunion – a game for a cohesive social experience.”

“Population One” has been respected, earning more than USD 10 million in the Oculus Store “just a few months ago,” Verdu said in a February blog. The game, which is available at both Oculus and Steam stores, “will continue to be sponsored at all its current venues,” according to Verdu. And the game will continue to receive regular updates, BigBox VR says on its website.

However, it is not yet clear what major changes could be made to employment as a result of adoption. “BigBox VR has big plans for the future of Population One and other projects, but we’re not ready to share the details at this time,” Verdu said, vaguely.

According to The Verge, BigBox VR will be joining the massacre of other VR studios Facebook has installed a few years ago.

About Population One Game

CLIMB, FLY, BUILD. Battle Royale is only possible in VR. Get off in a colorful, imminent world with endless combat opportunities. WELCOME TO PEOPLE: ALSO, where you and your team have to fight together to survive to the end. PEOPLE: MAN brings with him unparalleled direct freedom. Fly through the map to lower the letters from the top. Climb whatever you see for the benefit of the higher world. Create a strategic cover to protect your team. Use your environment to FIGHT ANYTHING. IN POPULATION ONE, the action does not stop with ongoing game events and new content that you can explore.

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