Earn Money From Instagram Exclusive Stories

Instagram has been busy with a series of programs recently to improve social media and use revenue-generating methods.

The latest of these is a new feature of “Exclusive Stories”, which was discovered by repeat engineer and full-time Android developer Alessandro Paluzzi. The code received by Paluzzi reflects the design of the future option for posting paid content, similar to the next Super Follows feature on Twitter. This will allow some Instagram users to submit paid content to fans who pay a regular fee to receive it.

Although Instagram has not yet made an official announcement regarding special issues, they have admitted that it is something they are working on after the news of Paluzzi’s acquisition spread. Public testing has not yet begun, and no details have been released, as Instagram is still seen preparing for the active launch.

Тhe leaked images of the “Exclusive Stories” feature show an advanced stage of development, which means it is sure to get to the platform sometime soon.

As with the screenshot, this paid post will be separated from the main issues by the marked purple color. And if you haven’t paid your payments to the creator yet, you’ll see a message throughout the story “Only _ members can see this story.” Naturally, these special issues cannot be photographed even by paid members.

Special storytellers will be notified to share their story as a highlight, so that “fans can always have something to see when they join.”

There is currently no other information on special news broadcasts other than this, which was originally reported by TechCrunch.

Lessandro Paluzzi also caught up with NFT’s “collectibles” feature, the details around it are very clear at the moment. In fact, it is another way to allow Instagram users to sell certain tangible assets (NFTs, or invisible tokens) in exchange for money, and increase Instagram revenue.

Instagram Exclusive Stories Details

Both Exclusive and Collectibles stories fall into the recently announced Instagram platform to increase cash flow on the platform across multiple borders. The following is a statement from the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, posted on Instagram’s Creator Week last month:

We need to create if we want to be the best long-term creator platform, many things, or tools, that creator can use to help do what they do. […] I think it is very important that we create a whole different tool because what you can use and what you can qualify as a creator can be very different than an actor or writer. And then, in particular, [creators’ monetization tools] fall into three categories. Another trade – so although we can do a lot to help with branded content; we can do more with affiliate marketing… we can do more with sales.

Secondly, users’ payment methods do not actually create directly – so whether it is content or gateway content or tips, such as badges, or other user payment type products. I think there is a lot to be done there. I like them because they give the creators a direct relationship with their fans – which I think is probably the most sustainable and predictable over time.

Twitter recently introduced its Super Follows feature that allows users with a certain number of followers to offer special content for a certain amount of money. Now, Instagram is also developing its own version of the ‘Super Follows’ feature that will allow creators to publish exclusive content to news that may come with a subscription fee.

It is well-known that the telecommunications giant has been busy with a series of programs that help develop creators with specific monetization strategies. The new ‘Special News’ feature is discovered by reverse engineer and full Android developer Alessandra Paluzzi.

Instagram recently confirmed to TechCrunch that feature screenshots broadcast on social media are from a currently developing, but not yet publicly tested, version. Sadly, Instagram declined to share any details saying they were not in a position to comment on the feature yet. Now, this ensures that the feature is in the works.

Looking at the screenshot, one can understand that the Exclusive Stories feature shows an advanced stage of development which means that the launch is likely to take place in a month or two. From the screenshots shared by Paluzzi, we can also understand that paid posts will be separated from the main issues. We can expect Special News marked with a purple heart icon.

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