Desktop Instagram Posting Currently Tested, Confirmed by Facebook

Desktop Instagram Posting Instagram is an app designed to share photos and videos only with users who follow your profile, however, since entering the market in 2010, it has been slowly introducing its new functions such as watching news or situations from a desktop or laptop computer. Now, it was learned that this Facebook app is testing a new tool for publishing photos and videos from a web version.

“We know that a lot of people log on to Instagram using their computers. To improve that information, we are now testing the ability to create Instagram feed posts with your desktop browser. “Christine Pai, a Facebook spokeswoman, said in a statement released by Bloomberg.

In addition, the new job was discovered by Matt Navarra, a communications consultant, who shared screenshots of how the new Instagram Web tool works with his Twitter account.

As we can see, the recordings released by Navarra show that it is now not only possible to upload photos and videos from a computer or laptop, it will also allow us to apply integrated filters and use basic parameters.

How can you use it? We tell you that the work has not yet been distributed worldwide, but, if you are one of the lucky ones and can see in the upper part of the square (+) cross icon “You can now create and share publishing directly from your computer”, it is because you can use it and test it.

As you may recall, Instagram has been incorporating very new tools into its web version, in 2017 they just started using the ability to view news or posts that other people publish from Smartphone, and last year the direct messaging function was added to be already canceled in 2021.

Desktop Instagram Posting Tweet

Desktop Instagram Posting Tweet

Instagram tests users’ ability to upload content from a desktop web application, according to those who have seen the feature work.

Facebook’s photo and video sharing app has long been resistant to downloading calls from non-mobile devices, despite the launch of a website that allows users to browse for content.

The feature is now live for other users, enabling them to send content from their computers for the first time. In a statement released to the media, Instagram said the tests could improve information for those who want to post from their browsers.

An Instagram spokesman said (via Android Central): “We know that a lot of people are logging into Instagram using their computer. To improve that information, we are now testing the ability to create an Instagram feed with their desktop browser. “

The new power, when released to everyone, can enable users to make it easier to post their best photos on Instagram.

Typically, many professional DSLR camera users tend to transfer their images to a desktop or laptop rather than syncing them to a cell phone. Well, with cloud capabilities, that’s not always the case, but for some photographers it can be a bonus.

Desktop-based video editing and photo editing platforms are much more advanced than their mobile counterparts, giving another Instagram user the opportunity to put their best work forward and center.

While performance seems to be limited at present, some users see a ‘+’ icon inside the browser, enabling them to upload photos and videos through the browser. It is currently not possible to add to the news, only for the main profile feed, but that may change, of course. Below you will see a representation of what the feature will look like, shared by Matt Navarra on Twitter.

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