Best Screen Recording App for Android For Gaming in 2021

Best Screen Recording App for Android For Gaming in 2021

Here is the list of best screen recording apps for android for gaming or for tutorial purposes. There are more than 5 android apps for screen recording. Few apps are available on the google play store or any other app store and some apps are available on their official website.

Before downloading any app from any website always be aware these apps may affect your device, you should always download the app from the official sources.

One of our most common requests from readers is to tell them how to record your screen on Android. Performance has been around for a long time but often requires some processing and refinement to get it. In Android Lollipop, they have a way of recording the screen into an OS and that’s how most people do it these days. Let’s take a look at a few Android apps and other ways to get a screen recording. Please note, changes in Android Pie prevent apps from recording internal audio so your videos do not contain the sound of anything you are doing. It is unfortunate, but a mistake of Google.

Best Screen Recording App For Android


Many people who want to record their screen do so out of play. If you want to stream yourself playing a mobile game on your phone, or just want to download a video for editing or private use, you can do that with the most popular streaming platform app out there: Twitch.

Of course, the built-in recording features of Twitch are important. The app allows you to record and stream multiple Android games, record audio using an internal or external microphone, and turn on your stream in public. Most importantly, you can download anything you record directly to your phone.

ADV Screen Recorder

One of the top Android screen recording apps nearby, ADV Screen Recorder, may not be completely honest with its trailer when it says “100% FREE” (as it gives you in-app purchases), but you can still enjoy many of its features for free.

There are two different recording engines in ADV, with a very high level that offers features such as pausing your recording and resizing. Other unique features include the ability to doodle on-screen while recording, which gives your videos a good free flow speed.

You can do all sorts of editing on your videos, too, like adding text and banners and reducing them to size.


The most popular apps in the Google Play Store are not always the best, but XRecorder is one of those that justify its position at the top of the charts. Yes, XRecorder is ad-supported, but it has no watermarks, does not limit your recording time, and does not require a fixed phone.

XRecorder records video up to 1080p 60FPS, which is the amount you will need for most phones. You can add your little facecam to the corner of your game recording times, and it has an effective video editor that lets you edit your videos almost instantly.

It comes with an overlay that allows you to quickly take the snapshots and pictures you need, and unlike other recording apps, it does not require Internet access permissions.

Integrated Screen Recorders

This will largely depend on which phone you have, but there are several custom ROMs and manufacturers that come packed with their own screens. Samsung’s latest phones, for example, have a screen recorder available in the Quick Settings menu, as do Xiaomi phones. Google Pixel phones running Android 11 and higher also allow you to record a screen from Quick Settings.

If you have your custom ROM, then ROMs like Resurrection Remix and Havoc OS have built-in screen recorders.

Android 10 Secret Screen Recorder

In the beta of Android 10, users are excited to discover that there is a new screen recording function built right into the OS. However, for some reason, Google decided to release it on the latest version of Android 10. However – a double plot twist – you can still unlock this built-in screen recording feature with a little movement!

It’s great, as its icon stays right there in your Quick Settings menu. It’s not right yet, and some people have reported some bugs, but it’s still good to be there to use it.

You need to enable Developer Mode and do some things on ADB for this to work, so we created a guide for enabling hidden Android 10 screen saver.

Screen Recorder

With a short and reliable name, Screen Recorder makes our list. It makes it much easier to record videos. The blue button will start recording the screen, and a small portable widget will appear on any screen you watch on your phone.

It can record HD resolutions up to 120fps (if your display can handle it) and allows you to add all kinds of art to your recordings, such as logos, photos, and text. Of course, there is the option to change the microphone to talk about your recording, and there is also the Facecam option if you are trying to record with that kind of professional look “Let’s Play”.

You can use this in day or night mode, and it includes good editing features such as video trimming (Yes) and the option to take notes as you record.

Other methods for screen recording on Android

There are other ways to record your screen on Android and that is by using the hardware. There are two main ways to do this using hardware:

  • If you are on an Android Lollipop (or higher) device, you can use ADB to record your screen. We have a great lesson you can learn to learn how to find it and you can find it by clicking here. Additionally, Android 11 has a native screen recorder. If the feature makes it a full version, that will be a new easy way to record your screen.
  • Professionals often use a video card to connect their Android device directly to their computer and record it from there. Capture cards can be very expensive but you will probably get the best frames and best quality. And it records directly to your computer’s hard drive that allows for the most comprehensive recording. Note that you will be responsible for certain HDCP issues that may arise in order to activate the search engine. Many photography cards come with screen recording software. That solves the problem for you.
  • There are other apps like Vysor in the Google Chrome app store. The basic idea is to connect your phone to your computer. Displays the screen directly on your computer. From there, you just have to figure out how to record it yourself. It is not an easy method for any extension. Each app has a different setup. However, it is an option.
  • Some Chromebooks now include the ability to install your Android device directly on it. This, of course, requires the purchase of a Chromebook. That is a reasonable expense for what should be a simple task in comparison. However, we are trying to cover all the foundations here and this is an option. You still need the app to record your Chromecast screen, however.


All information provided above is for educational purposes only. We do not aim to misguide anyone in any aspect.


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