Best Google Chrome Themes in 2021 – Specs and Details

There are so many Google Chrome themes with various specs so we will be listing the best google chrome themes that you can use to make your google chrome look beautiful.

Google Chrome is the preferred option for most people when it comes to browsers, and is sure to go a long way. From being a decent third-party choice over the years to becoming the world’s most widely used browser, there are many things Google should be proud of about Chrome. In addition to being present in Chromebooks, it is also included in billions of computers. One feature that Chrome accompanies is theme support. Theme support may seem like a long time ago, and theme support came with Chrome 3.0, a web browser version released in 2009. Chrome themes out there.

Mobile type does not support them, but on desktop, themes still work well. From simple, colorful themes to artistic and secular themes, you can click your browsing experience as much or as little as you want. The possibilities are endless.

Official Google Chrome Themes (Simple)

Just Black

You can’t go wrong with the official theme, created by Google itself. They do not detract from the beauty of your browser while also allowing you to add more personal interference. Google actually makes many official Google Chrome themes and can vary from very simple to very colorful. Here are some of the best ones in this category.


The “Rose” theme paints your browser with brightly colored roses over time and does not interfere with the overall look of the entire browser. If you want to get a “chic” look or if you put your operating system in this color, it’s one of the best Chrome themes you can get right now.

Sea Foam

Sea Foam is actually really simple. The main color is always white, and the background is blue reminiscent of seascapes. Perfect if you have a wall / sea wall or if you really like turquoise.

High Contrast Colorful

Users in areas with low light or photosensitivity can use a high contrast theme, installed in programs that have been operating like Windows for years, and the High Contrast Color theme brings the best of both light and dark themes to a single theme.


If you dig into the “sea” look that the Sea Foam theme offers, but you don’t really like it being a simple theme, then you might really like the “Oceanic” theme. Similarly it is green and sea-inspired, but dark in color.

Classic Blue

Finally, Classic Blue is a remake of the old green / white theme that we had in older versions of Chrome in older versions of Windows. If you are on a journey of nostalgia, this is definitely the way to go!

Official Google Chrome Themes (Artist)

If you think the official, standard Google Chrome themes created by the Chrome team are boring or lacking a spark, Google also has a few “art” themes to explore. Most of these themes are made in collaboration with black artists and there are just a lot of colorful art nails in other themes available.

Bits + Pieces

This theme was created by Laci Jordan and, according to the official definition, is inspired by the “concept of connection and diversity of voices”. It’s a colorful ending to the “Just Black” theme, and if you already like that theme, you’ll probably find this cool.


This is done by Olivia Fields, a Brooklyn wallpaper artist and illustrator, and her theme is directly inspired by the starry night sky, using purple as the main color. The result is a purple theme with a surprisingly attractive background.


The “Gold” theme is actually not gold at all, as opposed to what the name might suggest. Instead, the artificial red theme actually uses colors in a creative way, created by artist Sabrena Khadija. Definitely worth a look.

A Spark

By Los Angeles illustrator Abelle Hayford, Spark is about “finding something you like”, according to the description. The theme itself uses blue hues to fill the “Spark” painting background that should be the star of the show. The result is excellent and proves to be one of the best Google Chrome themes.

The Connect

With the emerging and upcoming graphic designer Laci Jordan, The Connect incorporates a beautifully colored design and background that, according to the definition, “captures the sense of human interaction expressed in living conditions flowing freely.”


This was also done by Sabrena Khadija, the same Brooklyn artist who produced the “Golden” title that she had previously produced. This team actually looks exactly the same as the design, mostly using blue hues rather than red ones.

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