Top 9 Best Camera Apps For Smartphone in 2021

Here is the list of 9 Best Camera Apps for the latest smartphones in 2021. The detailed information about apps and their features is also listed below.

Nowadays, modern smartphones have dual, triple, or four camera settings that enhance image quality. However, it will not be enough if the synchronization between software and hardware is incomplete. For example, Google Pixel devices shoot high-quality images with a single camera setup. This is one thing you should know. Now, come to the camera apps. A better camera app has the ability to access many hardware features and shoot a better image than the stock camera app. So, we have brought you the 11 best Android camera apps for 2021 that can help you shoot amazing photos.

Best Camera Apps 2021

The advantage of having an Android device is that you can download and install third-party camera apps in the play store and explore new features. Also, thanks to Camera2Api which enables us to interact with the camera hardware such as focus, shutter control speed, white balance, and more, it was not possible before the camera2api.

  1. Google Camera
  2. DSLR Camera Pro
  3. Camera MX
  4. Manual Camera
  5. Open Camera
  6. A Better Camera
  7. Bacon Camera
  8. Pixtica
  9. Snap Camera HDR

Google Camera

Google Camera is the most popular Android camera app developed by Google itself. Works great on Google Pixel devices, however, you can try again. It can take HDR + photos, double exposure controls, autofocus features, hand-held camera controls, night mode, and many other features. Along with that, it can also shoot videos from 1080p to 2160p (4K) resolution. There are so many Google camera modes available for different Android models, you can download and try the Google camera app for your specific model.

DSLR Camera Pro

DSLR Camera Pro is another incredible camera app like Google Camera. This camera app includes many amazing tools and features, such as lighting control, focus, autofocus, color effects, ISO control, blast mode, etc. It has the ability to manually control the camera hardware and shoot amazing moments with your Android just the phone. It can also record up to 4K videos with high resolution. You can buy the DSLR Camera Pro in the Google Play Store for just $ 2.99.

Camera MX

The MX camera comes with a very simple and easy user interface. It gives Android users tons of useful camera features to click and capture beautiful images, such as HDR effects. color effects, white balance, exposure control, time shooting, selfie flash, and more. Live shooting is another feature that helps with this app can take moving pictures. You can also use this app to record videos with timelapse, filters, and other features. Additionally, it includes a built-in photo editor and a video editor.

Manual Camera

Manual Camera is one of the most paid Android camera apps you currently get. Allows you to control the camera hardware manually and take the best shot with your Android smartphone. However, the app needs Camera2Api permission to be enabled to work with your phone. Fortunately, you can check if camera2api is enabled or not, and if not enabled, you can enable it manually. Here’s how to enable Camera2API on Android.

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The Manual camera app has a hand shutter speed, ISO manual, white balance, etc. It also supports RAW images (DNG format) and geotags, etc. You can download the app from the play store for $ 2.99.

Open Camera

Open Camera is an open, free and fast camera app designed by Mark Harman to work with Android phones and tablets. Requires Android version 4.0.3 or later. The Open Camera app comes with tons of features and tools. Includes features such as auto-level, image stabilization, status modes, color effects, white balance, ISO hands, HD video, and timer, etc. low light images at night. Additionally, it lets you customize the volume button of your Zoom device in / out, or take pictures. To check out more features, visit

A Better Camera

A Better Camera is a fully installed Android app. It is a combination of many features of the camera app such as Burst shot, night camera, Panorama, HDR +, etc. Other additional features include Group portrait images, HDR video recording, object removal feature, active camera control, etc. some premium features at $ 0.99, however, users can enjoy a 30-day trial download before purchasing a premium.

Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera is a clean official camera app that allows users to take beautiful photos. Comes with some integrated features for snapdragon-based Android devices. The main features of the Bacon Camera app are manual focus control, white balance, control display, manual ISO speed, and RAW image support, etc. The app has a feature for creating GIFs and taking a Panorama shotgun.


Pixtica is one of the best camera apps for Android, giving you an excellent user interface and amazing camera tools. Designed to take amazing photos and edit them in a built-in camera editor. The app also offers many camera features such as live filters, stickers, clothing, handmade controls, etc. Contains some additional features such as doc scanner, video editor, image editor, slow-motion videos, and DNG support, etc.

In addition, Pixtica has a pro version without ads and many new amazing features. The Proxtica version costs only about $ 1.99.

Snap Camera HDR

Snap Camera HDR is a premium Android camera app priced at $ 2.99. It comes with many premium features, such as a Stable shot, HDR + mode, Anti-banding, Manual ISO, noise reduction, etc. There are plenty of different advanced user features including 4K video recording, DNG format support, Burst shot, and hand-held camera controls, many more. In my opinion, it has a UI like a DSLR camera and can be the best Android camera app.

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