Best Adsense Alternatives- High CPM and High CPC Rates

Today DigiNews will be providing you the list of best Google Adsense alternatives that you can use on your website or blog if you are banned by Google Adsense or not got google Adsense alternative. Read the full article for detailed information.

Are you Looking For Google Adsense Alternatives?

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is a market leader in the field of online advertising, they are sure that you will have a virtual monopoly in the market, and they’re open to all sizes, it does not matter if one has only one place of a few pages of it; they accept them as a publisher. But why are so many people who are looking for an alternative to Google Adsense?

The app allows you to use the publisher, and it is a very simple javascript to place on the pages, this is the result of a major Google Adsense program policies, many webmasters have been a very bad experience with Adsense, which is one of the most common things is that Google will disable your account at any time without notice and you will ask for what they have to say, why is this condition that is beyond the control of the webmaster.

Imagine that you have to work hard at a site, in which you try to make the website as consistent as possible with the Google’s policy, but as soon as you wake up and check e-mail, an e-mail saying, “Your account is disabled,” just think of all the frustration, why is that a webmaster is looking for an alternative to Google Adsense, and there are quite a few of them on the Internet. Yes, this is a great list of wireless networks that provides the advertisements to the publisher are not serious about politics.

OK, so let me go ahead, I’m looking for an alternative to Google Adsense. I have come across a very large ad network like AdBrite, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Infolinks, Kontera, Clicksor, and, like many others, I’ve been looking and researching for a long period of time and has come up with a unique solution that goes above and beyond, Google Adsense, yes, yes, I have a solution for publishers, as well as looking for an alternative to Google Adsense.

Me to show you the best options, as they are paid for by the publishers, as well as through PayPal, so it is a very easy checkout process, wire, etc., with the minimum payout is$ 20, a Publisher, you can receive up to$ 20 per click, yes, yes, you read that correctly, of$ 20 per click, Adsense, and there’s no need to make large sites policy is to comply with as many Adsense sites, there are thousands of ready-made professional templates that use your own custom object or a place.

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Got Banned By Google Adsense, What to Do Next

This should be made out to thousands of people because there are so many people are which is prohibited by the Adsense program, and they are totally helpless, and many of them rely on AdSense to make money on its web sites, and to be honest, this is one big mistake, as a rule.

If you are an Adsense publisher, you’ll probably respond to the people who have complained that AdSense is banned from the account without any reason or cause which is beyond the control of, and in many instances, a publisher, to be treated badly and unfairly banned for no reason, and they’ll send out an email, they have to find the reasons why it quit working, and are left in the dark.

Adsense is undoubtedly the market leader, and right now, it’s the simplest and easiest solution out for easy money, but the seriousness of the policy, the video, this happens to a lot of publishers, from the outside, and they are starting to look for a way out.

It’s a nightmare, as a publisher, this is what happens when your Google Adsense account, even of dollars to hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, due to the fact that revenue, without any of the hard work, so the chances of getting your account back is, frankly, just a 1% chance of getting it back, and that’s 99% chance of re-activation, a very rare and special cases, which one is better to re-activate the account.

For most people, It is better to forget about it and stop wasting your time and money, as you are able to send messages to Google, this is the only robots to answer your e-mails, not the people, shall not apply, if you do not have a big account, or, in fact, is

The real reason For your google adsense banned

Not all of the factors that you will quickly ban to your adsense account:

  • By clicking on the ads, they have been accepted, click fraud, and are forbidden to fast.
  • Either you have broken any terms and conditions.
  • Not less, political, credit report, yes, they are tough, journalist, politician, and newspaper publishers (people) need to survive.
  • One person said, suddenly very account, or log on to IP address for multiple accounts, and this has, if any, help for a friend in the AdSense program.

If you are feeling helpless in order to get back into your account, and we’ll provide you with an alternative to Adsense, there is lots of fun for you, and you are going to make you feel that you would like to AdSense is back, even more so than the power.

List of Google Adsense Alternatives

  • Adsterra
  • Pop Ads
  • Propeller Ads
  • Monumetric
  • Revcontent
  • AdThrive
  • Mediavine
  • InfoLinks
  • Bidvertiser
  • SHE Media
  • RevenueHits
  • Adcash
  • BuySellAds
  • Skimlinks
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  • Sovrn //Commerce

All AdSense alternatives provided here are good in their place. But before applying for any AdSense alternative you must read to their eligibility criteria and their policies.

Why adsense isn’t the best way to make money from your blog

Adsense is really easy to set up, you just add the code and the advertisements start displaying on your site. There’s no need to worry about picking the right advertiser to work with or trying to work out which online store will be able to best convert your traffic into sales. Despite these plus points AdSense is not always the best way to make money from your blog, unless you explore/test all of the alternatives you’re leaving money on the table.

The main competitor for Google’s Adsense comes from affiliate marketing. To become an affiliate you need to pick a particular online store or web business that you want to work with, it’s this part of the process which can be difficult and time-consuming. You need to find a partner that closely matches both the content of your blog and the intent of your visitors.

The relevancy part should come reasonably easy but working out visitor intent isn’t always simple, sometimes it means modifying your content to attract people with a “buying mindset”. For example, if you had a blog covering the whole area of “computer hardware” that’s still quite a broad sphere to work with. On the other hand, if your site (or one part of it) was dedicated to high-capacity hard drives then it’s obvious which affiliate ads would do well there.

The closer you get to that 100% relevancy mark the more money you’re going to make. However remember that with affiliate marketing you only get paid for actual sales you deliver, but even so, some sites offer up to 30% commission on sales.

Another important point is that you need to be proactive when it comes to integrating your affiliate ads with your content. Yes you could just put the banner or text ad in at the side of your page in place of adsense, but this isn’t the best way to make money. Instead why not review a particular product that your affiliate partner has a special offer on with a link to buy at the bottom?

You could even take it a step further with a video review of you using the product and talking about the benefits. Video is a thousand times more appealing to today’s YouTube generation and many will take the time to watch a video when they wouldn’t read a 1000 word review. The affiliate marketers who make the most money are always those who integrate their advertising and content seamlessly. Good advertising never needs to alienate your core blog readership, in fact, it should complement it.

The best thing AdSense has going for it is that it’s “out of the box” and when you’re a new blogger trying to save time that’s very attractive. But in my experience, if you can invest the time to find the right affiliate partner and ad you’ll make much more money. I hope this article has helped if you’re thinking about making money from your blog in the future.

Google Adsense Alternatives Reviews

Media.Net Review is based on a contextual advertising platform, whose engine merges contextual analysis with demographic data, local information, and the internet browsing history of users to improve the relevancy of ads and determine the intent of users for ads. Living in a free world often makes us offensive of monopolistic empires and Google AdSense is one such empire, which is a monopoly at present.

Due to this monopoly, it is tightening up the rope around Publishers and advertisers every new day. This necessitates an alternative, like, which is flexible and works more or less like Google AdSense. Although the company is in a building process and needs to learn many things, still it is competing in the ads market quite well, which reveals its resilience.

Plus Points of

  • The first good thing about is its efficient and reliable Customer Support Service. has hired lots of Asians for that purpose, who exhibit remarkable professionalism during their job. It’s something unlike Google, which keeps us waiting for so long that you often forget whether you registered a complaint or not.
  • offers unique control over ads. You observe anything wrong with the ads and you point out that to and it’s fixed according to your wish. Unlike, fully automated engines of Google AdSense, involves the human element in handling ad serving, which is a more intelligent approach.
  • Another good thing about is that, whenever a user clicks an advertisement, a new window pops up having relevant ads within the framework of your site. Such types of ads are not only unobtrusive but also allows the user not to leave your site after clicking on ads.
  • The dashboard provides detailed reports regarding ad serving, impressions, clicks, earning,s and other stuff. This way, you can keep track of your business in a more organized way.

Negative Point of

  • One of the most observed negative points of is its Double click payment method. Other PPC advertising companies pay you if a user clicks on your ads, however with; you get nothing if the user clicks on some ad from your site. Instead, you will get paid only if he also clicks on the ads from the separate page that pops up after the user’s initial click. Now, there are more chances that after clicking an ad and finding another ad window, the user will either ignore it or close the window instead of considering and clicking on the ads, which affects you very much your CPC. It gives you almost 50% less revenue compared to AdSense.
  • Another drawback usually pointed out by users is the limited functionality of ads customization. You will not find many options to alter text or images of ads. In addition, the ad box sizes are also limited and you can’t tailor the size of these boxes according to your website. Hence, you have to live with those traditional box sizes until; they come up with a solution to this.
  • Contextual relevancy is another issue raised by many actual users. There have been complaints that no matter what the contents of the page are, once displays an impression, it sticks to it for so long that people start ignoring the ads. This results in lower CRT and thus lower revenue.
  • Monetization of traffic is also limited to the USA, UK, and Canada only, however, if they cannot show an ad for some popular impression, they hide the block, show some PSA ads, or use custom code. This may also affect the overall look of the website.


With lesser profits and more risks, does not come up to my expectations. I can only suggest it if you are desperate, got rejected by all other popular advertising companies, or simply want to try it out of fun. is necessarily Indian oriented company, which is why Yahoo is using it and they are cashing the fact that yahoo is among one of their publishers. I could hardly find any publishers speaking nicely of

Bidvertiser Review

Every now and then, Google Adsense is locking or disabling services of Webmasters for some apparently harmless reasons, due to which the effected ones look for an alternative to keep their businesses going. Although, it is a fact that being excused by the largest advertising and publishing service, advertisers or publishers suffer a visible loss, however; non-availability of Google Adsense should be the end of World. Bidvertiser is an alternative with much relaxed terms, which provides ample opportunities to boost your online business.

Benefits of Bidvertiser

  • Bidvertiser uses Pay Per Click (PPC) engine. It started working in the Ad industry in 2003 and with around a decade-long experience, the company holds an esteemed position in the PPC market.
  • You can receive a 20$ sign-up bonus from Bidvertiser, which encourages people to give it a try.
  • Bidvertiser is free to join and activate the account. The minimum deposit is just 25$.
  • Bidvertiser allows 0.05$ for click as minimum bid, which can be a good price if you have high quality and unique traffic on your site.
  • Bidvertiser also allows you to choose geographic targeting technology, which will show the ads to users according to their regional dynamics.
  • Bidvertiser provides an easy-to-use tool for adding a keyword to your advertising campaign.
  • Advertisers can pay for their ads through the most valid cards like Master Card, Visa, AmEx, JBC and Diners Club, etc.
  • Bidvertiser uses a sophisticated algorithm for fraud detection. It tracks and analyses clicks and impressions through various considerations like proxies, unmatched clicks, hot traffic, banned IPs, unmatched referrers and rapid clicks, etc.

Bidvertiser Services


The publisher program of Bidvertiser is intended to follow common pay per click ad revenue programs which is also used by Google Adsense. After signing in to your account, you get the code from Bidvertiser to be pasted into you website. Once, done the Bidvertiser system searches its advertisers’ database and start delivering targeted ads. The general opinion of many Publishers, who have worked with Bidvertiser, is not satisfactory. People have often complained about irrelevancy of ads to content of their site and the quality of ads itself.


Based on the pay-per-click model, Advertising through Bidvertiser enjoys an excellent reputation contrary to those of Publishers. The main reason behind this is the fact that the PPC rate is very economical for advertisers and since their ads are usually posted on high-traffic websites, they inevitably remain in profit.


Bidvertiser affiliate program is conventional. You have to place a text link or referral button on your site and whenever a user clicks on that link or button and signs in to Bidvertiser as advertiser/ publisher, you will get the reward. If your referred user signs in as an advertiser and spends 50$, you will receive 20$. Similarly, if your referred user signs in as Publisher and earns 50$, you will receive 40$.

Payment is made through Paypal on a monthly basis with a minimum of 10$. Since most of the profit comes to affiliates from Publishers, who remain reluctant to Bidvertiser’s low yield program, affiliates may not get enough benefit from the program.

Bidvertiser Payment

Bidvertiser pay publishers in two ways. They either pay in increments of 100$ through cheque payment or via PayPal in 10$ increments. Unlike few other advertising companies, Bidvertiser does not require publishers to provide SSN numbers and Tax return details.

Bidvertiser Ads Customization

Bidvertiser provides many options to publishers for customizing the provided ads. Publishers can fix its size, shape and can reject a particular advertisement.


Bidvertiser like other Google Adsense alternatives has got a few plus points as well as minuses. Of course, it cannot completely compensate for the loss that occurred due to rejection by Google Adsense, but in my opinion, it can be equally good especially for advertisers, because of the PPC and high-quality traffic. Bidvertiser also seems to be choosy about accepting publishers having sites with fluctuating traffic, regardless of the fact that reasons for such fluctuation might be completely valid. So if you are a publisher, find something better than Bidvertiser and if you are an advertiser, go for it.

BuySell Ads Review

BuySellAds is another nice option for you if Google AdSense has either banned you, or you are at odds with it. Reviewing this advertising company is quite a task, because of its very strong and some potentially weak aspects. So once again, it depends on you, whether you can live with its shortcomings and take benefit from it or you will think twice to sign in to it. Let’s look at it in more detail.

BuySellAds, as evident through its name, is a service that allows both advertisers and publishers to buy or sell advertising space in a state of the art and a hassle-free system devised by the company. The BuySellAds or BSA Company stands apart from all others due to a very obvious difference. It has evolved an extremely simple and intuitive user interface for both advertisers and Publishers, due to which the whole process of selling and purchasing becomes simple and subtle.

The BSA System

If you are a Publisher, you register your account with BSA free of cost. After completing the account opening process, BSA will provide you with an HTML code, which has to be embedded in your website. Once you are through with this, your website will appear in BSA’s publisher directory. The publisher directory is for the advertisers who browse it to choose a suitable website for placing ads therein.

If an advertiser considers your website, BSA provides him/ her some analysis of your website like Google page rank, Compete for rank, Alexa Rank and density of RSS subscribers, etc. BSA website allows advertisers to buy ad space from your website, which relieves you from involving in receiving payments from each advertiser. BuySellAds allows you to ask for a payout after the accumulation of $50 in your account.

Payment Methods

Presently, BSA is offering a banner ads model which works on the CPM payment method, however, a private beta testing of pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements is in progress, which will provide more freedom to both advertisers and publishers. Payouts of BSA are speedy and flawless, as it uses the PayPal system very efficiently. Besides, Paypal BSA also allows payout through Wire transfers and cheques.

BuySellAds Services


Publishers will probably not like it, but it’s a fact that BuySellAds takes away 25% of the publisher’s earning, which simply suggests that you have to forget about 25 cents in every dollar earned. This ratio is higher than other major advertising firms and can potentially harm those websites, which are earning lots of money. The point establishes a proposition that high-earning websites should not opt for BSA for publishing ads.

Another factor that needs to be kept in mind is that BuySellAds seems to be a niche-oriented network, and therefore, websites which focus on technology, web design, and development or freelancing are likely to earn more money through BSA.

BuySellAds continuously assesses the interest and inclination of visitors and therefore, rejects the website which has got unattractive content, less traffic, and less reputation. In addition, BSA also requires at least 100,000 base impressions per month, so with less traffic, you would be rejected. In order to sneak through these filters, you have to have an already established website with regular traffic and a modest reputation.


For advertisers, there are no such great risks in the BSA system. Simple to follow, you just pay for 30 days increments in which your ads are shown on websites of your own choice, and if luck favors you also get a modest click-through ratio from those impressions. You just need to keep in mind that while choosing a website, you should see if it corresponds or blends in well with your advertisement or not.

Some Negative Things about BuySellAds

  • Of course, the biggest disappointment of BSA is its larger cut which deprives you of 25% of your earning. Successful websites in this system face larger losses.
  • At times, Publishers complain about the cluttered Publisher directory, due to which their websites become difficult to be found by advertisers. A way around this problem is to use SEO techniques while listing your website.
  • Another major drawback of BuySellAds is that it does not offer an “affiliate Program”. So if you refer an advertiser to BSA, you will not be paid for that.


If you are running a website on types of office chairs, you should not contact BSA because, it gives consideration to only those sites, which are based on technology, web development, and IT. For small blogs and websites, which fulfill the necessary criterion, BSA is a profitable option. It allows you to concentrate on your website and handles most of the advertising space selling job for you. Since BSA also allows you to determine the type and amount of advertising space through your listing in the publisher directory; you can exploit this relaxation to offer multiple ad sizes, locations, and prices to maximize your earning potential.

Infolinks Review

Infolinks is an advertising company relatively new in the market and eying upon Google AdSense as its rival. The success of the company has been remarkable when it comess to in-text ads. Due to its simple operations and very competitive earnings, it has already become a potential rival of AdSense. With an in-text advertising program, advertisers simply create an in-text ad at the Infolinks marketplace, which is published in over 260 billion pages in a matter of minutes.

A lot of webmasters who used both Google AdSense and Infolinks opine that Infolinks has been generating more or less the same revenue, Google AdSense provided. Some others opined that in few cases the CTR of Infolinks exceeded from Google AdSense, which establishes that the Conversion rate of in-text ads is very good. The best thing about the In-text advertising of Infolinks is that you can use it along with AdSense and Chitika to double your earning. However, you might have to consider the density of advertisement, because too many ad-influenced pages tend to lose traffic.

Advantages of Infolinks

  • Content targeted. It has been observed that internet users have developed that habit to avoid banners, images, videos, and pup-ups. They now believe that anything around the page content is a trap. Therefore, users focus on merely content. Now, this approach does two things, it decreases the value of banners, skyscrapers, or similar types of ads and at the same time increases the importance of the content. Infolinks has been able to measure this importance and that’s why it places usually unobtrusive yet relevant ads within the content, which surely improves CTR.
  • Site Speed. Unlike other in-text ad programs, Infolinks does not use heavy java scripts or rich media content in its ads, therefore it does not affect the site speed.
  • Variety of Options. Infolinks is leading in the field of in-text advertising by miles for its additional features like related tags, search widgets, and Tag clouds, which are not available with competitors like Kontera, Vibrant and Flite, etc.
  • Marketplace. The marketplace has been one of Infolinks’ very big advantages. With it, it virtually takes no time for you to start your ad campaign. In about a few minutes, you will also be witnessing the results of your campaign with real-time stats. Marketplace costs you just 5$ for a day, in return for which your ads are published around the world. It’s an insane offer.
  • For all and sundry. With Infolinks, you don’t need to be a big website or blog. It’s great for new websites and niches because new websites usually want excellent results, which economical costs.
  • Customer Support. Reliable and prompt support is another advantage of Infolinks. The customer care staff is proficient and provides instant solutions. You get the response within a few hours maximum.
  • Ads Space. Another great thing about Infolinks is that their in-text ads take virtually no space for your website. Your precious ads spaces remain unused for more revenue through other CMP or PPA companies.
  • Starting with Infolinks

Setting up with Infolinks is just a breeze. No stringent rules and conditions like AdSense apply to you. After signing up for free, Infolinks provides you a simple JavaScript code, which can be placed anywhere on a page or website. Right after that, in-text ads are generated within your content. Infolinks engine intelligently selects keywords and provides relevant ads on your site. You can have around 12 ads on a page. Choice of ad link color and single or double-underlined ads stays with you.


Infolinks provides as much as 70% of the revenue share to Publishers, which is great compared to many other popular ad companies. It allows many ways for payments to publishers which include PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, ACH, or Infolinks Prepaid MasterCard (by Payoneer).

The good thing about Infolinks is that like almost all other companies, it does not keep you waiting for a 30 or 45 days payout period, instead, as soon as you reach the minimum payout limit, which may vary, depending on the payout method you prefer, you can get is without further delay. The minimum payout for PayPal is 50$, 100$ for Infolinks prepaid MasterCard, and 400$ for Bank Wire Transfer.

Disadvantages of Infolinks

  • Infolinks presently offers no affiliate section, where you can check statistics about Clickthroughs, registrations, and commissions.
  • You cannot track the clicks back to the origin, whether they drew out of the tag menu, in-text ads, or tag cloud. In addition, few perfectionists also complained that the colors of the tag menu cannot be changed.
  • Few webmasters also pointed out that for pages with larger and lengthier content, a limit of 12 in-text ads may look insufficient. Maybe they should set the number of ads in relation to the number of words in the page content.
  • Conclusion

Infolinks stands among the very few ad companies with fewer cons and more pros. It produces the best CTR and good results in revenue generation. The ads they place in are contextual and relevant with benefits both the publishers and advertisers. Payment methods and signing up are very convenient. You don’t need to be a giant webmaster to avail of Infolinks services. I recommend this program to all those who want to draw some extra revenue, side by side with others like Google AdSense.

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