Best 4K TV under $500

4K TVs are not limited to the current ones, but many can be considered budget-friendly as well. They offer better image quality than standard HD models, and most incorporate smart performance, so you will never run out of content.

Those who can afford a 4K TV for about $ 500 should consider the Samsung 50-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000. It prides itself on Dynamic Crystal Color – which offers a wide range of color gamut and vibrant images – and the company’s Motion Xcelerator technology for smooth action. Also, it includes an on-screen guide that makes it easy to find great content to watch.

What you should know before buying a 4K TV


When you buy a new 4K television, you will see the terms LED and OLED. This explains the display lighting system, and it is important to understand the difference before choosing a model.

LED TVs are further subdivided into illuminated, rear-mounted, and QLED headlights. On 4K edge-illuminated TVs, the light only appears on the edges of the display. This leads to an image that may appear blurry from time to time and will have a distinct contrast. Rear-facing TVs can be either directly or indirectly bright, and both offer a better contrast to a brighter image than TVs that are illuminated on the edge. This is because their light spreads throughout the display and not just the edges. Of the two types of reversible TVs, full models stand out as the best choice because their lighting is subdivided into areas that can be individually illuminated or darker if needed.

Many people often confuse QLED TVs with OLED TVs, largely because of how the words look similar to the effective advertising of companies that make QLED TVs. In fact, QLED TVs are just another type of LED TV, but they use nanoparticles to enhance the vibrancy of the display. QLED TVs can also be turned on or off.

Although OLED has LED in name, it is a completely different type of technology. Without going into science after this, the most important thing to understand is that light is emitted on a pixel-by-pixel basis on OLED TVs. This enables the TV to display a picture with the highest levels of contrast and clarity than any other type of traditional LED TV. Unfortunately, unless you find a good sale elsewhere, it is almost impossible to get an OLED TV for less than $ 500.

What size do you want?

People often think that the big picture is better when it comes to TV, but this is not really the case. Ideally, the TV should fit neatly into the living space without feeling like it is completely taking up space. Most will find that 40-55-inch TVs are ideal for bedrooms, while large 60- to 5-inch televisions work well in living rooms. After all, the actual size of your bedroom, living room or other place you plan to place your 4K TV will determine which size is best for you.

Features to watch on 4K quality TV

Refresh rate

Renewal level is a spec that is often overlooked when buying a TV, but it should not be. It means the number of times that the show is refreshing every second, and this is especially important when you are watching sports and playing. The times when the image refreshes in a second, the movement of the screen will be smooth. Typically, budget-ready TVs will have a refresh rate of 60Hz, while most premium options will have a refresh rate of 120Hz or 240Hz. That being said, you can still get some 4K TVs for under $ 500 offering an update rate of 120Hz.

High-dynamic Range

The high-density range, often abbreviated as HDR to product specs, greatly improves the color and contrast of the TV. This will make the details as clear as possible, give the light of the object a deeper glow, deepen blacks and make the colors appear brighter.

Smart Functionality

When you consider what affordable TVs have to offer these days, there is little reason not to buy one. The cost difference between smart and non-smart TV is almost ignored, but its performance is different in the world. With Smart TV, you’ll be able to stream video content from popular sources like Netflix and Disney +, and you’ll be able to stream audio content using apps like Spotify and Pandora. Just know that for most video content sources, you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee.


If you plan to connect a lot of things that you get into your TV, you want to make sure that the model you are considering has enough ports to sit on. Think of USB and HDMI ports, as well as any others you may need.

How much would you expect to spend on 4K TV for less than $ 500?

The cost of a TV is determined by its size, type of lighting, and various other factors. The most expensive 4K TVs cost between $ 200- $ 300, but they are most commonly available for $ 300- $ 500.

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