Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone mode is like Escape From Tarkovr reveals datamine

Instead of being a battlefield, the third secret mode of Battlefield 2042 seems to have been inspired by Hunt: Showdown and Escape From Tarkov.

With Call Of Duty: Vanguard prepares for its biggest exposure this week is starting to sound like the old days again, when Battlefield and Call Of Duty were direct rivals and it has never been confirmed what will come out on top.

Battlefield 2042 has made a good impression so far, as two of its three modes have already been announced: more casual players and a new Battlefield Portal game planner.

The third mode is called Hazard Zone but other than the fact that it is not a war zone nothing is known about it yet, although the data miners say it will be something like Hunt: Showdown and Escape From Tarkov.

Dataminer Temporyal went through the latest closed alpha of Battlefield 2042 and found indications of progressive gears and permadeath, with Escape From Tarkov running something like a roguelike where when you die you lose all your equipment.

There seem to be no separate mode maps but Temporyal has found evidence of Orbital – a map from technical testing – with a specially modified version of the Hazard Zone – which may also be true of other maps.

Both Hunt: Showdown and Escape From Tarkov are PvEvP games, which means you fight against both other character characters and computer-controlled enemies. This seems to be the case in the Hazard Zone as well, including characters in the Tarkov style.

Uplink towers will allow you to call for help, such as an ATV or a robot dog, but enemies can also install a radio to tighten.

The Hazard Zone target seems to be collecting data from crashed satellites and other devices, although finishing mode seems to work more like The Division’s Dark Zone than Tarkov, which has the ability to pilot an evac helicopter.

We know very little about Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone mode, but the new details seem to have shown respect for the data keeper on Twitter. The leak comes from the Temporal Center, an account known for the reorganization of the Battlefield series. In a series of tweets, details briefly share what you can expect in the new Hazard Mode, noting that “the mix between Escape from Tarkov & Hunt: Showdown.”

To give a better context of which two games the Hazard Zone is compared to, Escape From Tarkov is the first person shooter where players engage in attacks and fight other players (and AI enemies) to find loot and escape the map. Meanwhile, Hunt: The show features players collecting benefits from slaughtered animals.

Additional tweets suggest that players can expect to collect Intel from data drives and crashed satellites. There are also rumors that contain ammo channels and uplinks where you can call Ranger the Robot Dog or ADT.

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