Apple Maps vs. Google Maps vs. Waze: Which One Is the Best in 2021?

Google Maps has long been at the forefront of the market. There are many apps out there that come with a lot of functionality. For example, Apple Maps comes with easy-to-read location icons, air quality reports, temperature readings, and 3D mode. All of this, while protecting your privacy. The problem is that you can’t save maps to use offline.

And then there is the Waze, which is very easy to use if you want to get directions while driving. But it is not so good when you want to get directions from somewhere other than your location. We know for a fact that physical maps are no longer valid so in this article,

We’ll find out which ones are best: Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze?

Platform Power

They are all free. No ads, no microtransaction. Both Google Maps and Waze are available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But Apple Maps is only available for iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. Google Maps and Waze also work in web browsers, but that is not the case with Apple Maps.

Driving Directions

All three came up with convincing clues, but they were different. Google Maps is well prepared for this. They are all free and come with voice guidance via Siri or Google Assistant. But if the only thing you do is a drive, you might want to choose Waze. The map is more straightforward and has larger, brightly colored icons. The driving community also marks what happened to the police, traffic jams, accidents, and road closures, which is huge.

Google Maps lets you download maps for offline use – and there are only three of them.


Apple Maps and Google Maps have alternative routes. They come with options for travel, cycling, and public transportation. They come with travel options, too. Apple Maps has a better interface and features. Apple Maps will automatically wake up your phone screen when it closes when you need to turn. Apple Maps also records robots, landmarks, and large hills.


Both Waze and Apple Maps come with readable features compared to Google Maps. But Waze is good in terms of visual comparisons and readability. Apple Maps has landmarks and readable businesses, as well as air quality and temperature indicators.

Apple Maps is similar to business hours, ratings, and Google Maps website links, but Google has much more comprehensive maps. Google Maps comes with a wealth of local information, such as centers, museums, shopping malls. But between the two, Apple Maps is easy to read for daily use.

Additional features

Google Maps has been a major decision, but Apple Maps has taken over. However, Google Maps is still the winner. For example, its Google Street View allows you to see more from certain places. And these locations are much larger than Apple Maps’ Look Around feature. After all, Look Around is easy to use – especially if you’re lost. Waze does not have this type of feature.

In conclusion

We think it depends on what you do. Do you drive or walk? All three of these apps are great and can be very helpful on the road. You just need to use the one that suits your needs.

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