Apple iPhone X falls 11,000 feet from the plane but SURVIVES

In what may have been the biggest surprise of the smartphone crash so far, the Apple iPhone X accidentally got off the plane and reportedly survived without any injuries. Here’s what you need to know about this event.

It is normal to fear when you accidentally throw your smartphone down. The fear persists until you check that the phone is damaged or not. Many of us have damaged a phone or two due to trauma over the years. These often make large holes in our pockets. However, sometimes we hear stories of how Smartphones survived the most difficult after being dumped and the latest story of the survivors with the Apple iPhone that passed the drop test with “flying colors”. In this case, it was not an easy pull for a few feet. It was 11,000 feet!

The pilot reportedly dropped his smartphone at an altitude of 11,000 feet. He left shocked and surprised when he was able to find it, as it worked so well. In fact, it has been found to be in good working order with no damage at all.

The owner of the iPhone X has taken an online forum to post about this amazing survival story, which was first spotted by WCCF Tech. The man posted on Diamond Aviators that he wanted to take pictures of the clouds while flying in the plane. Unfortunately, the plane was hit by strong winds and the storm caused him to drop the iPhone through a small window. The iPhone was hijacked and the window was lost, according to the report.

When the pilot gave up hope of finding the phone, he tried to wipe it off as a safety precaution and was reportedly surprised to find that it was working. The report quoted the pilot as saying the phone was in Blythe, Arkansas. When the owner begins to think that it is irreparably damaged, it turns out that the phone appears to be operating normally.

For readers who wonder how the iPhone X survived a crash without scratching, the pilot has a logical explanation. It was found among thick bean crops that could break its fall. However, it should also be noted that the smartphone was in a critical condition as well, which could also protect it from damage. In any case, it seems that the owner, who was planning to upgrade their four-year-old iPhone X to a 5G-enabled model, could now wait a while as the smartphone seems to be working properly and now, there is a certain amount of emotion attached to it.

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