Android Apps on Windows 11 Will Not Be A Big Deal

In the latest version of windows i.e. windows 11, you can install and run the android apps on windows 11.

Every time a new version of Windows comes out of the Redmont factory there is a lot of exciting discussion from its fanboy and a lot of eye-popping in the Linux community. This is because more often than not, improved “upgrades” and “new things” that come with newer versions of Windows are things that the Linux community has had for years.

Look at me with a new launch sound. Why in Ubuntu and other Linux distros you can have any startup sound you want. There are many packages of startup sounds out there which are sometimes confusing.
Oh, I have a very bright sound. Have you seen KDE’s eye-candy? In fact, desktop sites like GNOME and KDE allow you to get whatever look you want and show off. You can make it look like Windows 11 with very little effort. You can make it look and behave like a MAC too.

  • Desktop scale depending on the monitor/screen connected? Personality has been a measure of each guardian for years. Each monitor of your plugin gets its own profile and Ubuntu remembers what was on each screen and duh.
  • Windows management where you can have more Windows share screen when performing multiple tasks? You people didn’t have that either? In Ubuntu you can not only do this you can have many Desktops on your screens and navigate easily.
  • Then there is the clincher, Windows 11 has a feature that will allow people to use Android Apps “natively”. Yes, that’s right.

Now you can launch Android Apps on Windows 11, great thing!

Windows 11 came out yesterday, June 24 and while those who played with the leaky ISO got nothing surprising except the refreshing makeup changes, the real version seems to have the same ability to clean the sleeve. It appears that Microsoft will partner with Intel and Amazon to bring Android Apps to Windows.

In the meantime, you can search for Android apps in the Windows Store. However, when you try to install the Android app for the first time you will need to install the Amazon App Store for Windows. After that, you will have to sign in using Amazon credentials. Finally, Windows 11 will come with an updated Windows Store that will play Android apps from the Amazon App Store. These apps will work on Windows with Intel’s Intel Bridge tech that works like magic behind the scenes to make it all work.

Think of Intel Bridge as a rival to Apple’s M1 Rosetta. Intel Bridge adopts Arm-based applications and allows them to run on 64-bit architectures. Rosetta allows Intel-binaries operated by Intel to work on the construction of M1’s Arm buildings. In fact, this could be a Windows response to Apple’s M1 that could launch traditional iOS apps. There are a lot of modern apps that don’t work on Windows, this upgrade will fix that bright gap but do the game changers think so?

It could also be Microsoft’s effort to increase the number of apps it can add to its high-quality Surface line. Although some of these tablets / computers running on Arm many Surface models actually have Intel chips. This means an explosion in the number of apps you can install on Surface Pro. I will admit that this is not enough to make these types of tables and half-computers more attractive. I seriously question the usefulness of this feature on a standard desktop, however.

I do not think so

Do you remember what I said about Windows that stays behind when it comes to new things? Being able to install Android apps on the Linux desktop operating system is something the Linux world already has. Only natural:

  • Developers of popular applications often do not worry about Linux or if they do it is the last version of the program they release. Bugs on Linux are the last to be fixed. Being able to install Android apps on Linux will solve all these problems. Then came another great truth,
  • It may look different but Android is actually Linux. Sure most Android apps are in the Arm architecture but the same desktop-enabled kernel is on those phones. Of course, it is usually an old letter drawn but there is a penguin at the bottom of it all.

So here’s the thing Chrome OS, also Linux by the way, has been able to install and run Android apps since 2016. Both Chrome OS and Android are Google products so this was not appropriate for them. Chrome OS fully supports Google Play Store. Google as the maker of both Apps is the one that will ensure that the integration you receive is seamless.

It’s the kind of powerless Windows that will strive to match at least in the next few years. Intel Bridge is dependent on Hardware. You need a compatible Intel processor and while it is true that most processors used on PCs come from Intel and support Intel Bridge this is not always the case. AMD has just returned with its Ryzen series and some members of the Surface family have been empowered using the Arm.

Here are some of the well-known things in the world of Chrome OS / Linux, something that M1 users just find out, mobile apps for mobile phones and tablets. In addition to the selected number of applications, many applications designed for mobile devices tend to suck when used on a desktop computer. The makers of these apps only test them on mobile phones and tablets so even if you install them, it doesn’t mean you’ll have good experience using them.

We take it easy but when the app is made for Android no one thinks what the experience would be like if someone used a mouse instead of their fingers. You may also come across quirks and bugs that are unknown because of this. Something as common as opening a file dialog to upload an image would be enough to crash the entire app. Playing simple games can be a nightmare. Sometimes an app looks down at your screen for some reason.

As I said, Google, the all-powerful developer of Android and Chrome OS, has developers who know the internal functionality of both operating systems and for these four years, have an Android feature on Linux that is hard-fought to fix these problems. Apple, which makes iOS, controls the hardware and builds the M1, can not guarantee a good feeling when installing the iOS app on Mac OS. Even their neurotic need to control and refine everything has taken away the timing of oops. Amazon, Microsoft and Intel will struggle even harder.

Like I said having Android apps running on Windows is a neat strategy. It reminds me of those magical ways in which the “volunteers” in the audience actually cooperate with the magicians on stage and like to deceive. All applications displayed by Microsoft may have been carefully selected in advance to avoid the egg and face-to-face moments I mentioned above.

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